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. . . The Wild Hunt . . .

Posted on: 11.04.2012

I recently picked up these crazy cool pants on on sale at Anthrolologie.  Their boho, hippie flair caught my eye.  Eccentric and wild--they’re kinda perfect for me.  Of course, I immediately thought--photo shoot.  I pulled random items from my closet,  slipped outside, and had a little play-date with the last bit of summer.  The sunflowers were in full bloom, and I couldn’t help but take advantage of their radiant beauty.  

I read somewhere that sunflowers follow the light. They turn to face the sun, and follow it faithfully, as it travels across the sky.  For many, these flowers are a symbol of constant, true, and unwavering trust in something bigger and brighter than themselves.  I like this idea, as a metaphor for my life.  

Lot’s of changes have been occurring around me--seemingly good and bad.  But, who am I to judge what anything is?  I have decided to try to become more like the sunflower.  I want to surrender the immediate labeling and judgement of things.  I have decided to just let go, and begin to trust that my life is being guided and directed by something much bigger and brighter than myself. 

Just as seasons come and go, so do life’s experiences.  We must try to savor what is in season right now.  There is always something delicious and precious for which to be grateful.  Let go of worrying about what is coming or what has gone, and simply, be here now.  You are here. This is your time--this is your life. I think James Taylor said it best, “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time”.  What are you loving in this season of your life?

Peace & Love - Paris

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  1. I am currently learning the same thing. Learning to love the uncertain. Learning to love the possibilities of the future. Learning to love the fact that I have faults and enjoying the process of growing. Learning to accept new things and art and new cultures. learning to [like you] surrender instant judgment on both people and various things around me. So much learning. <3

  2. Gorgeous blog, just started following xx
    xx Tanya

  3. I've always loved these pants from Anthro and i love how you styled them.
    your blog is gorgeous, such an inspiration. Xx


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