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Chasing Unicorns

Posted on: 12.16.2017

"Be patient my little, wild one. Wondrous things take time – a pearl is hidden before it’s refined, a diamond is rough before it shines."
With the year coming to an end,  I’m am even more determined to examine my impact on the world.  How can I make 2018 my best year, yet, in terms of living consciously? I want to call 2018, the year of the Butterfly — the year of major transformation.
I want to start making every choice a conscious choice,  from the clothes I buy and wear,
to the food I eat, and beyond.
Remembering the interconnectedness of all things, and making choices that will heal and transform, myself, and ultimately, the planet. 
We are not separate — from anything.  In that light, I am very excited to introduce you to a magical clothing line, ✨ @chasing__unicorns ✨ .
Created by Sarah Humphrey, this brand embodies sustainable production, aiming for minimal, environmental impact.  Sarah is influenced by vintage clothing and uses only 100% silk and cotton fabrics which will withstand the test of time, and have far less chemicals involved in the production than man made, synthetic fabrics.
I love this Wild Horse tunic.  Made in the softest wine coloured silk velvet with over 15m of gold cord, this is definitely the piece that you will only see once and will treasure for a lifetime!
Feel like a rock, goddess everywhere you go. @chasing__unicorns 🦄

Do You Believe in Magic?

Posted on: 11.15.2017

Do you believe in Magic?  You did when you were a child.  Back then, everything was alive, and fresh, and amazing.  Amazonian Shamans can communicate with plants.  The plants sing to them, teach them their songs, and tell them their secrets.  I know an “angel medium” who talks to Beings on the other side of the veil.  When she was a little girl, her parents were deeply troubled that she was so often talking to invisible others who weren’t present in the room.  “Who are you talking to”, they asked.  She told them, matter of factly,  “I’m talking to the pretty people”.  Some people swear to have seen Leprechauns or Fairies, and according to quantum physicists, physical matter is 99.999% empty space.  If that isn’t magic, I guess I don’t know what is.  This is indeed a dream like reality, where everything — every . . .  thing . . . starts as a no-thing, a thought, a wish, a dream of the imagination, or a leap of faith.

Anaïs Nin, said, “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  As soon as you believe you know something, you essentially cut off the life force.  You put it in a box.  You stop looking.  You seal it off, and along with it, all of the infinite possibilities that may have unfolded.  You lose the magic.  Did you know that everything is alive?  Everything is vibrating, dancing, singing it’s energetic signature.  If you slow down, slow way down and stop thinking that you know, if you look closer, more softly, more gently, if you look with a bit of an open heart, you will be amazed at what is here.  You might remember the beauty, and the mystery, and the magic that you forgot.  You might remember yourself.  Listen . . . there’s magic in the air.

Sometimes, a Girl Just Needs to Buy Herself Flowers…

Posted on: 9.30.2017

Doesn’t every girl love to receive a bunch of beautiful flowers.  It covers just about everything, but it definitely says, I like you—pretty much better than anything else.   So, fellows, here is a clue:  GIRLS LIKE FLOWERS.   However, it may be that you are currently with a partner that just doesn’t get it.  Or, you may be single, and well, that is that.  So . . . sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself some flowers!  There are 101 reasons to do it, and I really can’t think of one reason not to.  It’s a marvelous mood booster, pretty maker, smell good, feel good, colorful way to brighten your day.  And, zero calories to boot.  I love you, and I am giving you permission to treat yourself to flowers.  I hope you do it today.  (♡ ♡ ).


Posted on: 9.03.2017

I woke up this morning, made my daily cup of genmaicha 🍵, and checked in with my devices 📲 . There, I discovered, a very heartfelt, love note, from a fellow blogger, expressing appreciation for my creative endeavors . She basically said that she was touched and inspired by my work. If you are a “poster” in this wild, world of interconnection, I know how much effort is required to produce the appearingly, effortless, shot, or paragraph, or recipe. We work hard, and I guess what I am trying to say is that this lovely, woman simply, made my day. I felt seen and acknowledged, and . . . well, I felt loved. 
We are all so super busy these days. It’s as though hitting a heart or a like button is all we can muster. When someone takes some of their valuable time and connects with us on a real level of connection, it’s pure magic. I think it goes both ways. I know it does. You really do get what you give away, and sometimes, the best gift can be a beautiful package of kind words. 
Our lives are living us, and someday, these opportunities, these people, these situations will shift and change into a new set of circumstances. Some of the people we know and love will be gone. Don’t hesitate. Take a minute to write a little “love letter” to someone who makes your life better. Yes, it can be a real, love letter 💌 to a real lover, or it can be a little note, or email, or text to someone who inspires you, or encourages you to keep shining your precious light into the world. ✨

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