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Posted on: 11.07.2012

| Photo by: Mitchell Issel || Model: Paris Gerrard (moi) |

What a fun surprise.  This afternoon, I got an unexpected email from photographer, Mitchell Issel.  He sent me a few gorgeous photos from a shoot we did at the Great Salt Lake.  As a model, it is always a joy to see the final photos, and I think these shots are spectacular.  The Great Salt lake has a very magical atmosphere.  Along the salty shoreline, the water sparkles, radiating light and energy up onto the sapphire Uintah mountains.  It often feels almost surreal, and I think these photos capture, perfectly, that fantastically unreal essence.
Utah is filled with an amazing array of talented artists and creative souls.  Mitchel Issel is definitely a hidden gem.  He is passionate and perfectionistic, and it shines through in his work.  I think that photographers like Issel, who shoot with film are an increasingly a rare breed. I dig it. I intend on doing a short blog interview on him very soon.  Check back soon to see more . . .

Peace & Love -- Paris 
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