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Posted on: 6.22.2017

Follow these simple rules for a chance to win!  

Get ready to Rock Summer wearing these Girl on a Vine 'HOT CHILD IN THE CITY' Bells.
The good news is . . . you now have a chance to win it for free!

I've teamed up, with Girl on a Vine, to offer you a chance to win these amazing Bells.  If you don’t want to wait and take a chance, you can order up some of this bohemian, ahhh-mazingness from their online boutique ~ HERE Girl on a Vine creates handmade, wearable art pieces, that will transform any outfit into something magical.  (Each design is uniquely named, i.e., I wanna Rock your Gypsy Soul Caught up in the Magic, & Dream Weaver.  Art, poetry, fashion . . . it’s all wrapped into one.  Go find what speaks to your inner Goddess, and enter today.  

Instagram Entry:
  1. Follow us on instagram -- @girlonavine + @CharcoalAlley 
  2. Post the giveaway photo to your instagram.     
  3. Then hashtag the photo #girlonavinePARIS
⚡️Giveaway winner will be announced on Friday, June 30th

connect the dots . . .

Posted on: 6.11.2017

Life is always communicating with us, in subtle, and not so subtle ways.  Driving home yesterday, these Yellow Roses were literally calling out to me . . . "come here”, they said laughing, "slow down, stop, get out of your car and open to the gift of what’s here, now, in these  fleeting days of early summer".  Yellow Roses represent Joy, Gladness, Positivity, and the Promise of a New Beginning.  Well, Ithought, I could certainly use a bit of that goodness, right now.  Why Yes, thank you very much! 

We came back later that day and shot this fun, Rica Skater Dress.  The black with white polka-dots, and the profuse, yellow roses, created a whimsical, magical, moment that felt almost like out of a story book.   I’m loving this Asakapae mini leather bag by Monserat de Lucca.  It’s a perfect size for everyday , and the high, quality is always evident in all of their lux bags. 

Jewelry from the Get Rocked Shop.

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

Carmel Capri

Posted on: 5.04.2017

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive – although, it’s okay if it is. At least once a month, I make it a priority to make time for myself, allowing time to slow down,
get quiet, and reflect on what’s happening in my life.  Sometimes, it’s a relaxing day at the spa,  sometimes,a quick smoothie and stroll around the park, and sometimes, it’s even a glass of wine 
and a sunset cruise.  Going it alone may appear daunting or intimidating, if you’re not accustomed to it, but the rewards are rich and well worth any initial discomfort that may arise.  You will find that you quickly tap into a deep, well of being, a natural, sacred space that is your own, and always there, but often over-looked in the distraction of day to day activities.  You may make a new friend along the way, or not, but you will always be surprised in some regard.  Best of all, you will re-charge, reconnect, and 
remember your wildest dreams.

Loving my new Capri bag, handmade in Italy by: Moni Moni

Let's Go . . .

Posted on: 4.26.2017

There’s nothing quite like a sexy, new, workout outfit to motivate you to get your booty in shape. Many of you know I love #yoga, #barre, and #running, so this @miraraeactive set is perfect for breaking a sweat 💦. I’m hoping to take my fitness level into a new zone, and I’m also in the mood to mix it up, so I’d love to hear from some of you about your favorite workout routines and programs. 💪🏽 Running out the door to yoga . . . hope to hear back from you soon!

Rings from the Get Rocked Shop.  Handmade by Inverness and Crane.

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate


Posted on: 4.24.2017

I was thrilled to discover Pondichérie,  a beautiful, ethically produced clothing line based in New York.  It’s refreshing to know that your purchase is supporting traditional craftswomen and artisans abroad with fair-trade practices, while also supporting United States commerce where these luxurious fabrics are ultimately constructed into the final creations.  The line is comfortable, easy to wear, and simply gorgeous!  More and more, we must become wise consumers.  At the end of the day, the power we collectively hold to create the world we wish to see, lies in the decisions we make as consumers.  We are, after all, interdependent, on all of life around us.  Taking care of the earth, and each other, just feels good.  

Shop the Pondichérie.   

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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