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Bones and Feathers Collective . . .

Posted on: 4.23.2013

  (Designers  Natalie + Cole -- Images of Fall 2013 collection)

 “In the end, we are all just bones and feathers.” 
                                               - Bones and Feathers Collective -

Yes, it’s true . . . every girl needs a “fox and chain necklace” by Bones and Feathers Collective.  I’m blown away and totally inspired by their fall, 2013, jewelry collection. Two amazing women, Natalie and Cole, started this Los Angeles company in 2010, and the collection just keeps getting better and better.  The vibe of the line is impeccable - hand crafted, magnetic, real.  I love their creative concept of combining indigenous styles with a modern day twist.  It all, perfectly, taps into the contemporary zeitgeist; like true artwork, it pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in society.  For instance, their cast snake and fox vertebrae, create marvelous designs that are unique, beautiful and unexpected.  I love jewelry that holds a deep statement; that feels increasingly rare in today's mass produced world.  These talented ladies were kind enough to share, with us, a bit more about their creative process.  I hope you find it as refreshing as I do.  For me, It was just the spark that I needed to get excited about life again. 

Name(s): Natalie and Cole of Bones and Feathers Collective

Online Boutique: 

Instagram: @Bones_and_feathers

Five words that sum up Bones and Feathers Collective? Wild. Macabre. Ethereal. Raw. Elegant.

How did Bones and Feather Collective begin? 
Natalie: I was driving in the car with a designer I was interning for at the time and he told me that he thought I should start an accessories line. I texted Cole, asking her if she wanted to start one together, and she said, "Yes! We'll make things out of bones and feathers!" We liked the way the words flowed together, so we decided to keep it.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the current collection. What is inspiring you lately?
This collection's inspiration is 90s supermodel meets Rihanna meets your Sicilian grandmother, but in a good way. As of late...we've been inspired by Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, black panthers, collared necklaces, and our Sicilian grandmothers. 

 Fill in the blank . . . Every girl needs . . . our fox and chain necklace!

If you could travel on a magic carpet, where would you go? To various islands in the South Pacific.

What is your idea of happiness? Being artistically and emotionally fulfilled.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten? Work smarter not harder.

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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Boho Beach . . .

Posted on: 4.19.2013

 Dewi Driegen for Harper’s Bazaar UK June 2012
Photography by: Paola Kudacki
Styling: MĂ©lanie Utzmann Huynh

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I Love Spell . . .

 ( Photo of Elizabeth and Isabella) 
You can’t help but love those sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella, who created the incredible label, Spell and the Gypsy collective. I’ve been smiling non-stop since they featured me, -- Charcoal Alley, on their ever-inspiring blog.  Check out the full feature here, for a look at my recent shoot in their funky, boho, gypsy, love bells.   It’s such and honor to be in their wave length.  I’m always inspired and captivated by these two creative spirits.  If you’ve never heard of their blog, I highly recommend checking it out, immediately, but not unless you have an hour or two, because you will most certainly, be drawn under their spell (just couldn’t resist that one).  It is the best, visual diary, online, where they share their latest inspirations and process of creative manifestation. They are truly my fashion icons.  I remember when they first began following me on instagram -- I almost had a heart attack -- did a little victory dance, and kissed my cat!  He he.  I feel most fortunate to have connected with Spell early on in my  blogging/ instagramming journey,  and it has made all of the difference.  Go check out the magic, and watch this fun video of them sharing their story. 

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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Gifts of Life . . .

Posted on: 4.18.2013


|| Sunny Dress : Indah  | Skull Sandals: Jeffery Campbell 
| Wrap bracelet: De Petra |  Umbrella: Vintage|

"Your breath is your best guide . . .

Fashion Photos by: Tessa Barton + random found photos.

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Prism + Sol . . .

Posted on: 4.17.2013


I love my life.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Part of what makes it so wonderful, is that I get to meet and interact with such beautiful, creative, and amazing people.  Here’s my latest discovery . . . a free-spirit named Linda Whigham.  I get goose-bumps when I look at her images and creations.  She designs and produces everything by hand in her small jungle studio on the north shore of Maui. I hope you have a minute to read the interview;  I think you’ll find her entirely inspiring, and I hope you might be lucky enough to own one of her magical pieces.

Online Boutique:

Instagram: @PrismandSol

Star Sign: Taurus

Linda, where do you call home? 
I have been so blessed to live on the north shore of Maui, for the past 9 years.  My fiancĂ©/behind the scenes biz partner and I are about to embark on our next great adventure. This spring we are selling our belongings, packing up and hitting the road with our pup…in search of mountain towns, rivers, micro breweries, live music, and changing seasons. We don't know where we will land, but we are excited for the journey. 

Tell us about Prism+Sol -- How did it all begin? 
I have always loved making jewelry and silversmithing, although I never pursued it as a career.  It has been a long time, dream of mine to have my own line, and to invest my time and energy into a creative outlet that would pay the bills.  With the encouragement and support from my incredible man, I dove into Prism+Sol head first .  I recently read a quote, "If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs." (- Tony Gaskins).  I decided it was time to build my dream.  

What inspired your current collection?  
Our current collection is all about the elements.  It's about being still and feeling your feet root into the earth, the breeze whisper in your ear, and taking in the warmth of the sun on your skin. Here on Maui, we are surrounded by inspiration; the bluest ocean, rainbows everyday, brilliant colored flowers and dense, lush jungle.  I spend a lot of time on the beach and have developed a large collection of shells and beach treasures, so naturally I love to incorporate them into our designs.  Also, as a child, I always admired my mom's gorgeous collection of turquoise and silver jewelry, so you will notice a bit of that influence, too. 

What has been inspiring you lately?
Lately, I am inspired by travel and change of perspective….seeing new places, making new connections, and being on the open road.  I am excited to see what influence the desert, the mountains, and adventures on the road will bring to our upcoming collections.  I'm already dreaming of a desert shoot for our fall line!

Favorite artist?
My mom.  She worked with a variety of mediums, but my favorites were her collages. Imagine symmetrical esoteric scenes cut out of colored construction paper and mounted onto wood.  So rad.

What is your idea of happiness?
Waking each morning excited about the day, running on the beach with my cutie pup, drinking kombucha, eating from the garden, creating beautiful things & sharing them with loved ones, watching sunsets with friends, and coming home to the love of my life every night.  

Best advice you’ve ever received? 
Find what makes you happy and do it.

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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