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Chasing Unicorns

Posted on: 12.16.2017

"Be patient my little, wild one. Wondrous things take time – a pearl is hidden before it’s refined, a diamond is rough before it shines."
With the year coming to an end,  I’m am even more determined to examine my impact on the world.  How can I make 2018 my best year, yet, in terms of living consciously? I want to call 2018, the year of the Butterfly — the year of major transformation.
I want to start making every choice a conscious choice,  from the clothes I buy and wear,
to the food I eat, and beyond.
Remembering the interconnectedness of all things, and making choices that will heal and transform, myself, and ultimately, the planet. 
We are not separate — from anything.  In that light, I am very excited to introduce you to a magical clothing line, ✨ @chasing__unicorns ✨ .
Created by Sarah Humphrey, this brand embodies sustainable production, aiming for minimal, environmental impact.  Sarah is influenced by vintage clothing and uses only 100% silk and cotton fabrics which will withstand the test of time, and have far less chemicals involved in the production than man made, synthetic fabrics.
I love this Wild Horse tunic.  Made in the softest wine coloured silk velvet with over 15m of gold cord, this is definitely the piece that you will only see once and will treasure for a lifetime!
Feel like a rock, goddess everywhere you go. @chasing__unicorns 🦄

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