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Posted on: 12.31.2013

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, 
you surprise yourself.
Neil Gaiman -

 Special thanks to my beautiful, best friend, Tessa Barton.  She's always so willing to help me with creative projects.  Tessa, has been a major catalyst in helping me find my inner joy, and I credit her for being perhaps the main reason my blog and creative spirit came alive.  She's the most amazing girl that I have even known -- a talented musician (LUNA LUNE), and an incredible photographer . . . the quintessential artist -- not to mention drop dead, gorgeous.  I love her beyond measure.  She's a dream. Love you girl!  

Ashala Slip: Adore Me 
Beanie: ASOS + here 
Socks: QooQoo 
Jewelry:  Charcoal Alley + Vida Kush 

Fashion Photos by: Tessa Barton 

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate

found photos: via tumblr

. . . Goodvibes 2014 . . .

photo credit: Jennifer Stenglein

A new year is almost upon us . . . that time when we want to let go of what is no longer working in our lives, and plant the seeds for the positive changes we wish to nurture and encourage.  The first day of 2014 is especially powerful, because it coincides with a Super New Moon (a super moon comes closer to the earth than usual), and new moons, in general, are always a good time to make new plans and set positive intentions.  Know, that we are being supported, in so many ways, to rise to our full potential as the unlimited, loving, spiritual beings that we truly are. 
 And remember, the past is the past . . . it has nothing to do with the future, unless we hold on to it. 

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate

→ BROOKE PERSICH : interview ↲

Posted on: 12.30.2013

Do crystals, gems and stones, really have magical healing powers? Could wearing a piece of Rose Quartz assist in bringing love? Does a chunk of Aqua Aura hold the power to help you speak your truth?   I believe the answer to these question is, yes, and I encourage you to give it a try.  Give way to your inner mystic, and get yourself one of these gorgeous creations by Australian, jewelry designer, Brooke Persich.  Her current, SOLD OUT, collection is unique because of her creative use of raw & polished crystals, fused with special adornments such as antique metals, all of which translates into brilliant, wearable art, that that mixes well with the modern, minimalist aesthetic, but also falls into the genre of avant - garde, feminine, luxury. 
Brooke’s life sounds as intriguing as her art.  Check out our interview below: 

Artist/Designer: Brooke Persich
Star Sign: Aries 
Instagram: @brooke_persich

You mentioned that you recently made a big move to NYC; how does that compare to life in Australia?  
It's different of course, but I really love it here and feel it's the right place to be. I miss being close to nature and the ocean, but I am used to big, busy cities (I used to live in London). I ensure, I still create cool, harmonious spaces to work and live... 

What is your design philosophy? 
I design to create something beautiful, to intrigue and delight and to bring a sacredness back to jewelry, to remind us to treasure delicate, nature born things, such as crystals and of course ourselves… 
Whenever I wear my rings (if you ever see my hands they are piled with crystals and gemstones) people always stare at them in fascination. I love seeing the bewilderment and curiosity on their faces as they inspect them closer to observe the tiny, colour schemes and textures in the stones. They touch them so gently; it brings out this beautiful, almost childlike, inquisitive nature in people that I really love to see....

When women wear my jewelry, it's like they are suddenly empowered; not only do they look like complete goddesses, but they act like it - not in vanity or arrogance, but in a very honoring, feminine and beautiful way... They become more conscious of their hands and movements, they are gentler... I feel like, as humans, we use our hands for so much - communication, love, connection, building, talking and creativity. So, I guess, all this symbolism underlies my design. I design in accordance with what is going to inspire on-lookers and, of course, the wearers. 

Your work evokes mysterious beauty with your use of crystals & skulls -- what type of symbolic meaning do these items have for you?  

Thank you. Crystals have a very special place in my heart and life. I have always worked with them before designing jewelry, and so it seemed only natural to focus the label around these crystal, statement pieces. I wanted to do them justice. I guess I am a little bit of a gothic and a romantic at heart --I love black, I love skulls. Crystals, as I have previously mentioned, are reminders and connectors to the natural world. They are really powerful, and I love feeling connected to nature.  There's this incredible book called, The Book of Symbols , published by Taschen, that goes into detail about the symbolism of skulls and other symbols that I use in my jewelry. It's really influential on my work. Skulls, have been used since the beginning of time to symbolize man's fascination with our mortality and mysteries of the mind. I feel this is always relevant to how I live and examine my own life and the world... I am curious about everything. 

You can’t take your eyes off of . . . ?

The cityscape at about 4pm, in New York, this winter. It's snowy; the skies are pink and grey and look so beautiful against the streets and buildings. 

Can you give us a short, 10-item Happy List:
Hmmm, in no particular order, this is what has made me feel happy lately.......
  • Ginger Shots from JuicePress.
  • Vintage, Black Chelsea Boots.
  • My clear, quartz skull ring, in gold.
  • Gong meditations at Golden Bridge yoga. 
  • My 'B' initial sweater from Opening Ceremony. 
  • Book: 'The Hidden messages in Water' by Masaru Emoto.
  • Being with my beautiful and talented friends.
  • The prettiest, delicious, vegan sushi rolls at Beyond Sushi, in Chelsea Markets.
  • Snow! 
  • My new collection, due for release in a few weeks!
What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Advice is a tough one...I don't really believe in advice - giving or receiving, because it's basically a lesson from someone else's life. What's right for one person isn't always right for everyone; what worked in one instant, you may find could never work for you. Advice doesn't always mean success either; you will still always have to learn your lessons for yourself in one form or another -- no one has all the answers or solutions...

To me, it's good and healthy to make mistakes and learn from them. It's a good thing to fail. It's okay not to know what to do or feel confused and unsure. These are all inevitable events and parts of life so if you're just after the bliss and success, you've come to the wrong life. . . I learned that through my own experiences, and now I am not so scared of all those negative things! I embrace them... 

In my opinion, instead of dishing out or taking advice, we can instead understand and empathize with each other - that's a beautiful, compassionate action. It's this action that makes all that learning bearable,  because you realize, we're all in the same boat, we're all going through the same confusion, mistakes and failures, and we will all end up, exactly, where we need to be afterwards!


Peace, Love & Good Chocolate

And I say to my heart: rave on . . .

Posted on: 12.29.2013

And I say to my heart: rave on.  
Mary Oliver -

Meteor Shower Pullover Dress: Junim LA 

Hello . . . Happy Holidays to all. I love celebrating the season. Partying is even more fun, when you have the perfect dress. Don’t you think this time of year just calls for a little, sparkle & shine? That's why I LOVE this handmade dress from Junim LA. I had a lot of fun playing in it along the California coast, and I plan on wearing it again, to ring in the New Year. Make sure to check out all of the beautiful color choices that it comes in → HERE!

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate


Tracey Emin neon words + Fashion photos by: @ZoeMaks.

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