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Warning! It's contagious . . .

Posted on: 11.06.2012

I might be a nature girl, but I’m always down to play dress-up. Today was one of those days, I hit the downtown, Salt City streets, rocking this vintage sequin jacket.  I must confess that I may have let loose just a little inner DIVA, but I have a secret obsession with most things that deal with sequins or glitter.  There is something about shimmer and shine that seems, oh, so magical.  Obviously, this jacket was right up my alley.  I love being a goof.  Actually, I consider myself a bit of a freak.  I do like to get silly and that’s almost always a guarantee on a photo-shoot with me.  Today was no exception.  We laughed our ba-nouchies off!

Laughter . . . it’s contagious.  You can’t help but enter a room of laughing souls and not get swept up with the energy.  Laughing is amazing.  Who doesn’t love a good laugh.  Usually, it happens around people you love.  It binds people together and increases happiness. Studies have proven that humor and laughter boost energy levels, diminishes stress and pain, and strengthens the immune system.  I know I always enjoy this priceless medicine.  So don’t forget to take pauses from your busy reality and just simply laugh -- it’s good for your heart.

Peace & Love -- Paris 
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Photos by: TBartonphotography


  1. That cardigan is amazing!
    xx Tanya

    1. Yes. Sequins Rock! Your blog is sweet. Thank you.


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