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We've All been here before

Posted on: 11.06.2012

Photo by: jfairchildphoto ||Hair: Kit Stifel ||Stylist: Kat Fedorova ||Models: Zoe Maks, Sabina, Paris.

Jen fairchild is an incredible artist, photographer, woman,  and friend.  I felt honored to be a model for her last solo exhibition.  The show was called, "We've All Been Here before".  As you can see, the photos turned out errily beautiful.  We had an amazing team of artists.  Here are the spectacular results.  All of these images have been made into giclée prints.

Contact - fairchildjenifer[at]

Peace & Love -- Paris 
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  1. hey sweetie,
    thank you for your
    kind comment on
    instagram. we were
    a kind of lovely mix
    over at spell, no? :)

    love this entry ..
    and i think you’re
    gonna like an item
    that’s gonna pop up
    from Love Warriors
    (that i’m working with
    at the moment) .. :)

    all my best to you
    from a chilly autumn sweden,
    x, hannah

    1. Bonjour Hannah,

      What is Love Warriors? I love your style,
      so I know that I will appreciate it.

      Yes, Spell is lovely.

      Peace and Love -- Paris

  2. what a gorgeous post. so inspiring. the video is beautiful as well, i love the juxtaposition of eerie and lovely.
    such a huge fan of the blog, lots of love to you. X


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