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Inspired and Inspiring . . .

Posted on: 9.27.2012

There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing, first hand, a human being operating, fully, in the present moment. Whether it be a yogini deepening into an asana, a surfer riding the crest of the wave, or a dancer who has become one with the dance, the magic all takes place only within a powerful alignment with the now.

Homage, to all the people who follow their bliss.

My name is Paris Gerrard aka. Charcoal Alley.

I believe in celebrating love, light and truth, in discovering and developing passions, and in chasing and living our wildest dreams!
For me, truly seeking the fullest expression of self, is the ultimate happiness and freedom . . .

Trust your intuition--that quiet voice or inner guide who is always there for you--who knows you better than you know yourself.

I am ⚡Charcoal Alley⚡. Join me me on this exploration of life through my passions: art, fashion, yoga, & food.

I aim to be inspired and inspiring.

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