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I'm really a Mermaid . . .

Posted on: 8.31.2015

Hello Darlings . . . Suddenly, my boyfriend and I are considering the possibility of a move to Los Angeles.  Hey now, I was just starting to like it here in Jupiter.   Isn’t it just too easy to take for granted what we have?  Joni Mitchell had it right after all, . . . “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”.  I’ve grown to love this dark river that runs to the sea.  I’ve seen some amazing things come and go — porpoise and turtles, owls and cranes, and birds of endless variety.  I love the way the light and shadows dance across the ever-changing currents in a river that rises and falls with the ocean tides.  I love the big sky, and I love living in a place where frogs still sing their throaty songs.

But, life is like that . . . ever-changing  . . . constantly insisting that we grow - into the new place, the new relationship, the new life, the new self.  I want to remind you (and myself) that wherever you find yourself, right now, there is something utterly wonderful and amazing that life is gifting to you.  Trust me, I know how hard change can be, but if you can somehow, softly let go, and open to the next step, I know in my heart that there is something wonderful, marvelous, and just perfect (for you and me) waiting there.

Jupiter is a great place for skating.  Nice and flat.  Not a lot of traffic.  I live in these darling, stripped pink shorts from Talina Hermann.  This WildFox  mermaid sweatshirt is as soft as it gets.  As always, I love mixing it up.  I cannot wait to see what California has in store . . . 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Shorts: Talina Hermann 
Sweatshirt: WildFox
Shoes:  Stolen from boyfriend.
Earrings: The Silver elements (handmade in Barcelona)
Necklaces: Torchlight + Pearl Love Jewelry + Mallow & Thyme

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