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Carrier of Light, or Sometimes, I Dance Weird . . .

Posted on: 11.11.2012

 || Carrier of Light ||

I surprised myself.  Ha!  Never in a million years would I have thought that I could dance.  Although, I am the type of girl that loves to slip on a new pair of heels and hit a concert, dancing the night away, I never have considered myself a dancer.  As a child, I certainly shied away from that area.  I was the girl that could jump and run.  I was long, sporty and certainly not your typical girl.  And, of course, I was more than a little weird. 

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost two years now, and I am realizing that everything is just energy.  You can move it; you must move it, get into it, get it, let it get you. That’s all there is to dance.  Just feel it, and let the music move you.  Let energy move through you.  You become the dance.  If you look a little weird, well, that's just beautiful!

Peace & Love -- Paris

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