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Spell broken . . . ☾✧

Posted on: 8.19.2013

Take a peek at this fun, behind the scenes video, of me. dancing and playing in this gorgeous, Spell Designs, "Hanalei" Shell skirt.


Filmed by : Tessa Barton
Edited by: Paris Gerrard
Song: Coastal Brake By: Tycho

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
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Something's Golden in the air . . .

Posted on: 8.02.2013

| Leather Tank: PJK Patterson L. Kincaid | Stackable rings: Vida Kush| 
|Booties: Sam Edelman|Gold Jewelry: Monserat De LuccaMiguel Shoulder Bag : Monserat De Lucca |

Here, I find myself, again, looking for answers, trying to figure it all out, trying to wrap it all up in a tight, little package that seems, somehow, manageable -- something I can control and hold onto.  Silly girl.  And so, I remind myself that my life is a practice -- a practice in trust . . . trusting in the mystery of the Universe . . . trusting life itself.  Life is the ultimate paradox.  It seems, the more we know, the more confusing and unpredictable the whole thing gets.  Quantum physics hasn’t answered all the questions.  If anything, it’s turned everything upside down on its head.  So, what I do know?  I know that that life is sweet.  That each breath is an amazing, delicious gift.  I know that chocolate cake can open a portal to another dimension.  I know that a wonderful surprise awaits me . . . just around the corner.  And, I know that the mystery itself, the very unknowing, is the best thing ever.

Found photos + Photo by: Tessa Barton

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
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