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[ Chat Noir ]

Posted on: 7.31.2014

Your imagination is your
 preview of life’s coming attractions.  
-Albert Einstein-

Are you a little, chat noir? . . . I know, if you want to, you can (in this very moment) access your inner, black cat.  Life is immensely satisfying, and rich, and metaphorical, because we have been blessed with the incredible gift of imagination.  It can take us anywhere, and through it, we can have, and be, and experience anything we can conjure up in our infinite, magical minds.  It’s fun to get dressed up, go out, turn heads, and play with a purrr-fect  combination of textures and colors . . . and even playful, imaginings.  I am currently loving this Talina Hermann look — sophisticated and classic, with just the right blend of structure and flow.
Take a peek at her latest, collection . . . here.   Talina Hermann 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
Shop this look: 

Shirt: Talina Hermann 
Wallet: Stela 9 
Boots: Charles David 
Jewelry: Bones & Feathers 
Lipgloss: Dior 

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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr

a zillion degrees

Posted on: 7.26.2014


 Drifting into August . . . we’re full on into the hottest days (and loveliest nights) of the year.  All I want to do is hang out at the beach, or pool, and drink coconut water and eat sweet, lime popsicles.  I get by with a few summer essentials that help to keep the season, effortless and easy.  

I hope this helps you survive the heat of the summer. 
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Random got beautiful found photos: via. le tumblr

4 x 4


    Summer Sandals   


I ♥ U . . .

Posted on: 7.24.2014

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery
—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, 
This is what it is to be happy.   
-Sylvia Plath-

Eclectic, hip, sexy, soulful . . . how many adjectives are there to simply say,  "I love Olivia Solie"?  Their motto is, [for] "Babes with Attitude", and deliver they do.  With so many choices available to today's modern babes, it's refreshing to find a line that is so on point and current.  Reflecting influences from contemporary music and art, they have definitely captured the zeitgeist of the times.  These easy to wear pieces are hand-made and designed exclusively by Kristen Patterson, in Vancouver, BC.  Go check out all of the goodness here   Olivia Solie 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
Shop this look: 

Slip: Tata Jolie   
Bag: Monserat De Lucca 
Boots: Modern Vice 
Bracelets: Olivia Solie 
Lipgloss: Dior 

Fashion Photos by: Zoë Maks 
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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr

[everyday somewhere]

Posted on: 7.22.2014

But if these years have taught me anything
 it is this: you can never run away.
 Not ever. The only way out is in.  
Junot Díaz, -
Darlingest Kitties . . . Urban Outfitters has got me wearing those super, short shorts again.  Ha! Thankfully, I've been two-timing the dance and yoga!  But, working with Urban is definitely my pleasure.  They have such a knack for creating the easy, summer pieces that I want to just throw on, and go. The Taza, leather necklace makes a big splash, but it's really light-weight, and easy to wear.  Thanks, Urbanyou always make it a snap to travel effortlessly, while looking casually cool. 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
Shop this look:   
Shirt: pins & needles 
Shorts glamorous frayed cutout
Rings: BCP jewelry 
Boots: an old pair that I painted. (cute ones here)
Lipgloss: Chanel 

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