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Kimono Crazy . . .

Posted on: 11.11.2012

One-of-a-kind creations are magical and precious. I think that's because they have often been touched by a true artist's hand.  I know that's why I immediately fell in love with these gorgeous, vibrant, hand painted silk, kimonos by Paris Kain. Paris shared with Vogue the inspiration behind these designs, “I was inspired by Taiana’s koi fish and a recent trip to Kyoto, Japan, where I visited with a family that taught me all about the art of natural dyes. It made sense to move my medium from canvas to silk.”  Paris is a multi-talented artist, and he has an incredible fashion label called Abrax Rex.  Below the artist explains a bit about his company.
"Abraxas Rex founded and designed by artist Paris Kain . The company resides in New York City, but their precious and semi precious stones and artifacts are discovered throughout the world. Abraxas Rex is proud to be the first fine-jewelry company to successfully use a Platinum Silver Alloy, as well as merge stones from earth and outer space.Abraxas Rex adornments are inspired by the myth of Atlantis and by Gnostic texts dating from 200 BCE. In the Gnostic religion, Abraxas is the god of both light and darkness. The Abraxas Rex collection represents the natural duality that is embodied in every living form.
 Definitely, I am kimono crazy for these. Who wouldn't adore wearing them on their next tropical vacation.  I'll take one of each please! 

Peace & Love -- Paris

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