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Posted on: 12.21.2014

I love The 'PSYCH ROCK' collection from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane


Always Go. . .


Hello Darlings . . . I have some fun news -- I started a new instagram account.  It's called @Get_Rocked.  It's an inspirational account that I share with my little sister, Zoe Maks.  I'll admit that it's addicting... you will be so happy that you found it :)  So, Make sure to join us as we discover the world’s most beautiful bags, jewelry, & accessories, & highlight the designers & girls who rock them! Check it out here GET ROCKED

Shop the look:

Flynn Skye Dress: Tyra Backless Maxi  (on sale now)
Hat: Love these.
Stela 9 Bag: Katari Coin Bag (on sale now)
Watch: Daniel Wellington 
Rings: Cool things here

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Green & Glowing

Posted on: 12.07.2014

Hello Darlings . . . Some of you might know that I recently did a five day, cold pressed, juice cleanse with the amazing, Vive Juicery, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you’re contemplating engaging in such an experience, let me, wholeheartedly, encourage you to dive in.  However, do take an honest look at where you are currently at from a dietary perspective, and design a do-able plan.  If you’ve been living on frozen pizza, and burgers n’ fries, or if you have just a vague recollection of what broccoli tastes like, then I would recommend starting with a one to three day fast, or even just begin by adding a daily, green juice into the mix for a period of time.  If your diet is reasonably clean and rich in a variety of plant based foods, Vive Juicery makes a cleanse as easy and effortless as can be. 

 You can really design your own program, according to your needs and desires.  Or, Vive will provide you with what they think works best.  For a reasonable cost, they will load you up with five 16 oz bottles of delicious juice blends  such as Emerald City (made from Kale, Romaine, Collards, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon & Ginger) or Daydream (carrot, orange, pineapple, strawberry).  Add a shot of ginger or turmeric for extra anti-inflammatory, goodness.  They also make a wonderful cold drip coffee, blended with dates and raw almond milk, in which I allowed myself to indulge while on the cleanse.  As mentioned above, you can be as strict or relaxed as you choose.

The cleanse was relatively easy for me, as I detox in this way three to four times a year.  Over the course of five days, I had amazing energy, slept well (try the ‘Sleep It off’ Elixir apple, lime, ginger, coconut water & calming doTERRA lemon & lavender oils), and my skin was glowing.

Best of all, I’m back in my skinny jeans! You can order your juice in advance to ensure they don’t run out of your favorite blends.  The gang at Vive radiate the positive vibes that come with good health.  I’m beyond delighted to have them in the hood.  Don’t wait for the New Year to make a positive change in your life.  Try a cold pressed, juice today.

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate //Paris 
→  Vive Juicery  
 Raw, Cold-Pressed Juice | Made with Love & Local Ingredients

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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr

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