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Posted on: 9.03.2017

I woke up this morning, made my daily cup of genmaicha 🍵, and checked in with my devices 📲 . There, I discovered, a very heartfelt, love note, from a fellow blogger, expressing appreciation for my creative endeavors . She basically said that she was touched and inspired by my work. If you are a “poster” in this wild, world of interconnection, I know how much effort is required to produce the appearingly, effortless, shot, or paragraph, or recipe. We work hard, and I guess what I am trying to say is that this lovely, woman simply, made my day. I felt seen and acknowledged, and . . . well, I felt loved. 
We are all so super busy these days. It’s as though hitting a heart or a like button is all we can muster. When someone takes some of their valuable time and connects with us on a real level of connection, it’s pure magic. I think it goes both ways. I know it does. You really do get what you give away, and sometimes, the best gift can be a beautiful package of kind words. 
Our lives are living us, and someday, these opportunities, these people, these situations will shift and change into a new set of circumstances. Some of the people we know and love will be gone. Don’t hesitate. Take a minute to write a little “love letter” to someone who makes your life better. Yes, it can be a real, love letter 💌 to a real lover, or it can be a little note, or email, or text to someone who inspires you, or encourages you to keep shining your precious light into the world. ✨

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