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Nothing Scares me anymore . . .

Posted on: 10.18.2012

Bend into possibility.  Find the Light.  Transcend the mind.

Does your life often feel full of fear, chaos, or anxiety?  I have often experienced a mix of all three.  So, a few years ago, I became a yoga junkie, which helped soothe my “monkey mind” and stressed out body.  Yoga has been my lifesaver.   It has shifted my negative perceptions about my life, and carried me, when I had to forge though tough situations -- deaths, breakups, & uncertainty.

Yoga also has opened my mind to the power of intention.  You really can harness your energy to manifest your dreams.  A great way to begin this process is by remembering to use positive affirmations.  Affirmations are simple words or sentences that you repeat, with intention, to help you create the life that you desire.  

 Positive affirmations help us reduce negative self-talk and remind us of who we are, our greatness and what we want to achieve. 

So, if you are wondering how you can use affirmations -- it’s easy.

I start my day with a hot cup of coffee, soothing music, and a moment of reconnecting and tapping into the flow of life.  I sit in a quiet space, close my eyes, and sink into my soul. . . I connect with my essence--the person that I want to be--the person that I truly am.  Here are some examples of things that I say:
  • I am inspired and inspiring.  
  • I am love, and I am loved.  
  • I am supporting and supported.  
  • I am love, light, and truth.  
  • I am in the right place--at the right time--with the right people. 
  • I am surrounded by positive people that help me reach my highest potential. 
  • I bring out the best in others and joy flows into all of my endeavors. 
  • I love life, and the best part is, that it is fun.  
  • I breathe life into my visions and watch them manifest into reality . . .    
To some this may seem silly, but I dare you to give it a try.  I know that you won’t regret it!  What have you got to lose?  

Ride that River of life. Rapids never last forever . . . smooth waters are ahead.  Stay positive and tap into the flow!

                                                                                                                  Peace & Love -- Paris

Photos by: TBartonphotography


  1. This who set is beautiful Paris!
    I do something similar to this.. except with Hot Green Tea! and the Bible <3

  2. Simply amazing!

  3. I think I need to start doing this. I hope it helps me.
    xx Tanya


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