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It's always summer somewhere . . .

Posted on: 10.08.2012


We are sun worshipers . . . traveling gypsies at heart . . . mermaids born with feet, so, we packed our bags and took the next available flight to Laguna Beach, California.    

My sister, Zoë Maks and I, played dress up at Crystal Cove.  When we were kids, my family owned one of the beach shacks along the shore.  Being back on that sand brought back a lot of memories.  We styled some outfits and threw some belts in our hair.  We smiled and twirled around in the warm salt water air, while Tessa Barton captured the silly, playful, effortless moments.  Giggling and playing as sisters do, I had a strong sense of déjà vu.  If this has happened before, may it happen again!

Live by the Sun 
Love by the Moon
Go with the Flow
Embrace the Mystery 


  1. i love this shoot, two beautiful energies bouncing from one to the other. just stunning, Tessa is a magic maker, heart breaker those eyes, songbird knows how to shoot!

    1. 💋 Love your essence . . . You are a bright star!


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