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miso gaga

Posted on: 10.14.2012

It only seemed natural. . .  Initially, I had no idea or concept for this shoot, but the minute I threw on the urban outfitters leotard, slipped into the white jacket, laced up the boots, and plopped on the round Ray Ban sunnies -- my inner Lady Gaga erupted.  I knew that this was my character for the day.  Miss Lady Gaga has that wild--over the top thing going, so I knew that my hair had to be something unique.  I remembered that last Christmas, I wore my hair in a bizarre up-do.  I tied my hair into knots until it resembled a turban hat.  I thought that it was cute -- but I think my relatives thought that it was a bit, let’s say, over the top (“”light bulb going off “”)!  This was the perfect hair-do for the photoshoot, so without a mirror, on that secluded Hawaiian beach, I quickly began to tie up my hair . . .

I climbed out onto the rocks and just let loose.  I began to work it and, voila!  Here are the results.  I think that it turned out pretty wild . . . “MISO Gaga” is exactly what I was saying as I was out there in the Pacific Ocean flaunting my stuff.  

Peace & Love - Paris

Photos by: TBartonphotography


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