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We almost caught a mermaid

Posted on: 3.14.2013

On our last visit to Kauai, we had big plans for an underwater shoot.  Aquatica, a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum camera housings, generously loaned us the most amazing, beautiful, state of the art, equipment to house our Canon camera.  Tessa and I were so disappointed, because every time we tried to shoot, it was suddenly rainy or the water was too muddy or some other obstacle seemed to arise.  The two underwater shots above were the best of the bunch, but I know that given more time and the right lighting, there is no limit to what could be created using the Aquatic gear.  Whether you are a sports diver or creative photographer, I know you won’t find any finer housing.  Since we hadn’t used the housing before, we were a little nervous about submerging over $10,000. worth of equipment (camera, lens, housing) into the deep blue.  We ventured to Koloa Town, to visit the experts, at Sea Sport Divers.  The super friendly and helpful manager, Kyle, showed us how to properly install the camera into the housing.  He was blown away (and totally jealous) of the Aquatica unit.  Thanks Kyle!

By the way, we have big plans for another underwater project . . . coming soon.

Photos by: Tbartonphotography
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