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Neon Punch

Posted on: 3.06.2013

Last night, I dreamed of Bali . . . am I going to Bali?  I was there with my photographer friend, Jen Fairchild.  When I texted her about the dream, this morning, she freaked out.  Apparently, she had also dreamed about Bali last night!  A little message from the Universe?  In keeping with the Bali spirit, I threw together this little collage of fun, bright, stuff . . . I’m calling it “Neon Punch”.  It’s everything I want to pack for a tropical get-away.

                 1. De Petra: Bhagawan hot pink ring
                 2. De Petra: Evenor ring
                 3. Lenni V: Kitty Tank 
                 4. Marc Jacobs: Fluor Jelly Thong
                 5. She Made Me : Margarita Clutch
                 6. High Heel Suicide:  Ice Cream Loco Tank
                 7. Spell Designs: Cowgirl Dreams Turquoise Tassel Shorts
                 8.  Spell Designs: Kate and the Gypsies Crop Bra
                 9.  Circa 1900 Turquoise Cross Necklace
                 10. Vintage Rolex: Turquoise and Gold 
                 11. De Petra: Cosmic Nomad

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xo xo xo // PARIS


  1. What great inspirations, I love your jewelry picks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I spent three days in Bali my last trip to Southeast Asia. It is the most beautiful and delightful place. You must go! And I must go again!!!


  3. Amazing pics! I want the cowgirl shorts!!!!

  4. im dying to go back to Bali as well !!! love this post :)

  5. ahh Paris I'm going to Bali for a bit of April and May! Come play :):)

  6. ahhh can you please tell me where the bathing suit is from that the blonde holding the pineapple drink is wearing? I'm so in love with it. Thanks! xx


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