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Posted on: 3.24.2013

“If you can TALK, you can SING. If you can WALK, you can DANCE. If you can BREATHE, you can YOGA.” -- Caitlin Turner 

Get ready to be inspired!  Don’t be surprised when you see her doing “king pigeon” while riding an elephant, or cartwheeling across some dusty desert, plane.   She is undeniably, one of a kind - this amazing beauty, Caitlin Turner, also known as @GypsetGoddess.  Hot damn, this girl can strike a pose.  

I’m constantly inspired by her ridiculously, perfect yoga postures, unique outfits, and positive vibes.   There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing, first hand, a human being operating, fully, in the present moment. Yoga allows for just that. Deepening into an asana, connecting with your breath, becoming present in your own body -- it’s the closest thing to magic that I’ve ever experienced.  Yoga, is not about how flexible, fit, or “awakened” you are, but is instead, a self practice that allows you to grow and expand into a more conscious, holistic, human.  That’s pretty cool.  And, as Caitlin says, if you are breathing, you can do it.  There’s no competition involved, not even with yourself.  I was delighted when this yoga goddess agreed to open her world for a little, Charcoal Alley interview . . . enjoy!

Name: Caitlin Turner aka Gypset Goddess


Instagram: Follow her at @GypsetGoddess 

Star-Sign: Virgo

Where do you call home? Scottsdale, AZ.

Why do you love Yoga? I love yoga, because my yoga practice teaches me something new everyday. Practicing yoga has helped me learn to let go, to forgive, to love, to be present, to be compassionate, and so many other simple but important lessons.

When did you start practicing? I started practicing yoga 5 years ago, when my friend Treg invited me to go to a hot yoga class with him. My first class was so hard! This sparked my inner athlete and perfectionist, and I couldn't wait to go back. The rest is history.

What style do you practice? My favorite styles of yoga are Vinyasa yoga and Yin yoga.

When did you become a teacher? Do you have a teacher? I completed my first yoga teacher training in 2010 at Sumits Yoga in Scottsdale, AZ. Since then, my most influential teachers have been Baron Baptiste, Gabriel Azoulay, and Anton Mackey.

You are in amazing shape, do you follow a special diet?  I always focus on how I feel and how I look, never how much I weigh. The same goes for my diet. I just listen to what my body needs, and I never count calories. Here are 10 tips that I follow to look and feel my best:

1. Listen to your body

2. Don't deprive yourself, but don't overindulge yourself either.

3. Drink lots of water

4. Eat breakfast

5. Eat natural foods

6. Avoid processed foods

7. Stop eating as soon as you are full

8. Never miss an opportunity to be active. Park further away, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

9. Commit. Devote at least 1 hour per day, 3 days per week, to your favorite style of exercise (I choose yoga of course!)

10. Don't over-do it. If you fatigue or injure yourself, you'll be forced to take time off and be inactive.

Where do you get all of your rad yoga outfits?  LOL I get this question pretty often. It's a difficult question to answer, because I get them all over the place. Many of the outfits that I wear in Instagram aren't made for yoga, but they're still fun! Some of my favorite places to find my rad outfits are: Blackmilk Clothing, Mara Hoffman, Sugarhigh Lovestoned, Adidas by Stella McCartney, and Urban Outfitters.

It seems like you are always traveling to incredible destinations.
Where is your favorite place in the world?  Most. Difficult. Question. Ever. There are so many places that I love for different reasons, so I'll just tell you the first place that came to mind: White Sands, New Mexico. I love the vastness of the all white landscape. Running through the White Sands dunes is like being on the moon—otherworldly.

Favorite yoga posture?  My favorite yoga pose is handstand. I love the thrill and challenge of becoming aware of my entire body in order to achieve balance on my hands. It’s really fun to flip the world upside down and see how everything looks different. Doing handstands and being upside down reminds me of being a kid and finding joy in experiencing a new point of view.

Guilty Pleasure? Cheesecake. I love it. Classic cheesecake, fruity cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, I don’t discriminate. Eating cheesecake for breakfast makes me happy.

Best Advice that you can share? Say yes whenever you can, follow your heart, and stop worrying what people think of you.

Instagram @CharcoalAlley

xo xo xo // PARIS


  1. awesome! I didn't know this girl, thanks for sharing the scoop, I think I'll find her inspirational as well, since I'm also a yogui and well, I'm actually currently taking a teacher's training course for hopefully I'll be teaching soon too.. take care.. cool post!

  2. Thanks for the discovery :)


    Coline ♡

  3. Gorgeous post! Really loved reading is the BEST! Much love, Helen xx

  4. impressive! i need to get back on the mat! :-)

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