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Posted on: 3.07.2013

*Photo of Astrid Chastka & Kalen Kaminski.    Upstate: Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection 

It was one of those late night, net surfing, moments. I stumbled upon the the gorgeous, garments, designed by a new, favorite label, Upstate. My jaw dropped. Why had I never heard of this New York, label?  It's all handmade, using raw silk, scarfs, kimonos, uniquely cut dresses, and even beautiful, large, custom quilts. Everything is created just the way I love to dress, sexy fabrics, rich colors, attention to detail, and clean lines and shapes. The patterns are relatively simple, yet, with perfectly cut forms, they create a bold, contemporary look, that is sure to get noticed. Designers, Kalen and Astrid, began this company in 2011 and have been creating breathtakingly, funky, fresh designs ever since. They use the Japanese technique called shibori, “which is a Japanese tradition of dyeing cloth using several different methods of binding, folding, or compressing the fabric. Small changes in the combinations of binding and dyeing create an endless array of patterns and textures.” It is similar to types of tie-dye, but I think, more sophisticated and chic. I was lucky enough to reach these talented beauties and score an interview about their company, as well as design process. I think you’re going to love this!

1) Five word that sum up UPSTATE? 
Wearable, unique, art for anyone. 

2) Who are the designer’s behind the label? 
Astrid Chastka and Kalen Kaminski.

3) How did you get interested in Shibori technique? 
We originally looked for dead stock or unique fabric for large wraps and discovered a friends homemade, shibori tapestry. We knew it right then. Shibori and different hand dyed techniques have inspired every collection to date.

4) Tell us about the inspiration behind the current collection
Our spring summer, collection is all about shapes that were inspired by some vintage, Karen Walker, thrifting (those small unheard of labels from years ago have inspired many of our shapes). Colors are always inspired by nature, the beach, and going upstate. We discovered a new color called desert, inspired by a special rock found in Southwest, Texas.

5) Fill in the blank . . . Every girl needs . . . 
the perfect tunic that can be worn day to night, and work to beach, in their closet.

6) If you could travel on a magic carpet, where would you go? 
That's a tough question. Japan? Africa? India? Iceland? Thats tough . . . 

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