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Chasing the light . . .

Posted on: 3.02.2013

                   || Break Away Bikini: She Made Me| To Nowhere Kimono : She Made Me | | Concho Belt: Vintage ||                                                         
Do you ever feel that you’re lost, wandering, maybe, even, missing the boat. You know what you’re looking for, but things just don’t “feel” like they are falling into place, exactly as you think they should be? Maybe, things are even spinning out of your control . . . This was one of those days. I had just landed in Laguna Beach, for a quick trip to visit my sister. I wanted to do a fun shoot wearing my favorite, She Made Me, crochet bikini and beyond beautiful, kimono. It felt really wonderful to be visiting Southern California, and I was taken back with it's beauty. Laguna Beach is undeniably charming with its blue skies, scents of citrus, and wild array of succulents and cacti. I am continually awed by the mysteries of earth and all of its wonders. In the bustle of the day, I lost track of time and realized the sun was setting. I wasn’t ready for the photo-shoot. Shitskies! I threw on my bikini and borrowed my sister’s, Mac “Korean candy” lipstick (a new favorite color). We ran outside to to shoot, but the good light had slipped behind the hill. We took a few shots next to a tall, date palm. No, no, not happening.

Bummer . . . we are missing the light. I was afraid that the shoot was going to be a flop. I watched my mind frantically spin, out of control, thinking this entire attempt was doomed to failure. We tried a few more shots next to a clump of bougainvillea and a weathered brick wall. OK, but not beautiful. Frustrated, I got downright spunky, taking it out on my well-intentioned, photographer . . . (sorry, mom). Further off, I could see the light, reflecting off some terra-cotta colored, buildings in Laguna town. We darted down the hill, my beautiful, silk and velvet kimono, flowing in the cool air. Eventually, we made it all the way to the beach. Ah, yes, yes, at last, the light was magical. A perfect California sunset. I think we got the shot.

I keep saying it, because, I need to keep hearing it. What I was sure was a doomed disaster, turned into a brilliant event. Let go of what you think. Keep going, and trust the process. Sometimes, we are going to feel that we are off track, but those things might actually be guiding us towards something even more perfect for us, something that is even better than we ever could have imagined. Keep going with your life, your dreams, your passions. Stay open and trust. The best is yet to come. 

Side Note:  I want to share a secret tip.  Many people have been asking me what I use to create such cool images. I've been using the help of the program called Rad Lab. It's made by Totally Rad! If your familiar with instagram filters. It is very similar to that.  Go check it out! It's a lot more fun to blog using this program to create beautiful images.   


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  1. What"s your tips to have such an awesome body?


    Coline ♡


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