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Posted on: 12.11.2013

Breathe... The Universe is taking care of everything else! 
- Soul Speaking -

 It was a cold day in Laguna beach, overcast, and even feeling a bit like the traditional “June Gloom”.  But, I determined that the weather wasn’t going to slow me down. I slipped into this, gorgeous, “For Love & Lemons Undeniable Dress”,  from Electric Frenchie, which immediately brightened up the day.  I met up with some friends for soy lattes, and by noon, the sun broke through the thick, coastal clouds, spreading radiant light, across the sea. We played along the shoreline, following the turquoise tide along the rocks, eventually, finding our way into an isolated cove.  Holy mother of pearl!  It felt like we struck gold -- discovering a cache of millions of shells washed up and caught against the shore.  Nature always amazes and surprises.   From the big picture of our lives, to a spontaneous moment in a photo-shoot -- one can just never be sure of how things are going to unfold, and yet . . . 

I do know that I want to honor and explore the earth, expand my mind, marvel at the mystery of existence.  I wish to feel in my heart, deep gratitude for the pure pleasure of being. It may sound crazy, but in this lifetime, I want to fully know what it means to be alive.  I believe we can choose to live in a way where things feel magical & connected -- on the grandest scale!  Art, life, wishes, dreams . . . everything is energy, and energy has no boundaries . . . unless, we fashion them for ourselves, in our own mind.  I’m practicing staying open, trusting, and letting the universe assist me in creating my incredible life -- which for me, is a life of freedom, joy, love, harmony, & abundance.  It’s time now.  What kind of a life do you want?  Ask for it.  Write it down.  Read it before you go to sleep, and each morning when you rise . . . command your wildest dreams.  You can have whatever you want!  You can do whatever you wish!  Go forth in love, and let’s discover, together, what is possible.

Jacket: Mural 
Boots: Here

Check out this cool shop  →  ELECTRIC FRENCHIE   
I'm going to be featured sometime this week on their blog.  I'll keep you posted.   

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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Photos by: Zoë Maks


  1. So beautiful and inspiring! Your photos are breathtaking and your words always put a smile on my face! I feel like I am at a cross roads in my life and believe it or not your words have really helped me take direction, and follow my deepest dreams. Thank you for being so inspiring, so beautiful, thanks for being you! I am looking forward to many more loving posts!!!! Xoxoox Carla

  2. Your photos and outfits are always so ethereal and beautiful so it was quite unexpected to see you wearing boots almost identical to the ones I wear on a daily basis! Of course mine are a dupe but I'd love to have some Chloe boots one day :) love your blog as usual :) xx

  3. Beautiful photos you look amazing! Also such a fabulous jacket xx

  4. I love this. You are freaking gorgeous!


  5. Beautiful photos!

  6. each of your posts are always so incredible! you are so stunning and talented!


  7. In love with your blazer.. And this post is awesome! Inspiring me...

  8. This is divine! Your jewelry is amazing and each photo is so inspiring <3
    Peace & Love

  9. Wow, those pics are amazing!
    Really breathtaking!

    Svetlana from Lavender Star


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