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☾. . . Who you are . . . ☾

Posted on: 12.16.2012

. . . The sun shines not on you, but within you, and galaxies are born and die all within your heart. You can swallow the Milky Way in a single gulp, and hold Gaia in the palm of your hand. The very Divine sparkles in every sight and sound, and you are simply that . . .

 || Creative edit for beautiful Charmaine Olivia ||

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  1. Thanks Paris for your visit on my blog :)
    You didn't answer my question : do you mind if i make a post about you and your wonderful blog ? because i really like what you do ! if you agree with that i would like to know more about you like what you do in life, how old are you and where do you live ? just a few words that would take 2 minutes to write on a comment on my blog or you can also sent me an email :) let me know !

    1. Yes, I would love to be featured on your blog. Can you send me a few questions? My email is
      I am very excited. Merci Beaucoup.

    2. Your email address is not working i don't know why ! :s

    3. Here some questions I wanna ask you :

      - Where do you come from ?
      - How old are you ?
      - What are you doing in life ?
      - What are you hoping to do later ?
      - Why do you start a blog ?
      - What's your leitmotiv in life ?

      ect ect

      Feel free to add anything that you feel that reflects you and your universe :)

      My mail :

      Thank you so much !



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