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There's a place in my heart where the sun will never set

Posted on: 12.30.2012

|| Gypsy Sister Kimono : SPELL |  Shorts: Vintage | Bralet: H&M | Jewlery: SPELL | Leopard Bikini: Betsey Johnson|| 

. . . can you drop into this idea, here, and now?

Spontaneous moments of magic. unexpected surprises, utter moments of awe -- these are just some of the many, simple, everyday miracles that have been manifesting in my life since I started practicing yoga. I do believe that miracles arise constantly, but Yoga Asana had been the powerful catalyst that has allowed me to realize and open up to the idea that infinite possibilities exist. Right here and right now. Vinyasa Flow has allowed me to gain a better understanding and discovery of who I really am -- so much more than just this human form. I have expanded and continue to expand my view of myself, the universe, life. My yoga teacher, Jami Larson, has been a life changing energy that blesses me daily. She is an earth angel, a divine light that burns bright and sparks a drishti for the minds eye to see clearly, helping others to navigate a righteous path through dark or troubled times. At any moment, you can choose to let your heart be flooded with gratitude for the many miraculous fractures that arise and abound. Focus for a moment on your very breath. Feel the healing prana, the life force that is gifted to you in every moment.
I love this poem by ,Wislawa Szymborska, that, Jami shared today in the practice:
Commonplace miracle: 
that so many commonplace miracles happen. 

An ordinary miracle: 
in the dead of night 
the barking of invisible dogs. 

One miracle out of many: 
a small, airy cloud 
yet it can block a large and heavy moon. 

Several miracles in one: 
an alder tree reflected in the water, 
and that it's backwards left to right 
and that it grows there, crown down 
and never reaches the bottom, 
even though the water is shallow. 

An everyday miracle: 
winds weak to moderate 
turning gusty in storms. 

First among equal miracles: 
cows are cows. 

Second to none: 
just this orchard 
from just that seed. 

A miracle without a cape and top hat: 
scattering white doves.
A miracle, for what else could you call it: 
today the sun rose at three-fourteen 
and will set at eight-o-one.

A miracle, less surprising than it should be: 
even though the hand has fewer than six fingers, 
it still has more than four. 

A miracle, just take a look around: 
the world is everywhere. 

An additional miracle, as everything is additional: 
the unthinkable 
is thinkable.     

Jami says it best, “I practice yoga not to leave the world or it’s fullness, but to be fully present in this world in my spirit". That is a miracle. I am feeling this too, and I love it.
| Model:Paris (moi) |
Neon Words: Tracey Emin
Photos by: TBartonphotography
| Hair: Alex Gerrard|


  1. Such beautiful photos! Xx

  2. beautiful shots! you look great in the one where you are doing a backflip thingy.

  3. just gorgeous.....the photos and the sentiment!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  4. very beautiful and meaningful inspirations
    would you like to follow each other?

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  5. All your photos here are so stunning! You are beautiful :)

    x Marianne


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