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She rose from the sea . . .

Posted on: 12.19.2012

||Luxi Skirt: Indah| Thunderbolt Bralet: H&M| Necklace:UO | Rings & Bracelet: Rabid Fox Concrete Polish ||

Waves collided, pounding the sandy earth, and there from the churning, sea-foam waters, rose the beautiful Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.  As a child, she was my goddess of choice.  I was entranced with the myths of her mysterious life.  Her ability to seduce, absolutely.  It is said that she possessed a magic girdle that had the power to transform anyone that wore it into an irresistible creature.  Her most famous depiction is of Sandro Botticelli’s, Birth of Venus, the painting which interprets the goddess, Aphrodite, standing on a scalloped shell, floating upon the green sea.  The pebbly, beach in Pissouri, is where Aphrodite’s mystical rock is situated. Legend has it that “if one swims around the prominent rock three times, naked, and under a full moon, they will find true love.”  This idea seems like a daring adventure--especially for a single girl.  

That was the idea behind this shoot.  I wanted to channel my inner Goddess.  This gorgeous, chocolate, cutaway skirt, from Indah, was the perfect adornment.  It’s sleek, sexy pattern and design made it easy to feel feminine and beautiful. I paired it with a metallic, copper tone bra-let.  I knew Aphrodite needed some special jewelry for the shoot; that’s where designers Angela Monaco, from Concrete Polish and Linda Smyth, from Rabid Fox’s jewelry proved to provide the perfect accessories.  Their lines are exquisite--each piece possess a radiant energy. They use chunky, raw metals, intermixed with breathtaking, natural stones. The combinations of all of the above came together for a very sensual and surreal shoot.

Sadly, we lost one of the rings.  It was swept away by an unexpectedly, large wave.  We were very upset, and searched for along time amongst the tide-pools.  At some point, we resigned ourselves to the fact that it was gone, lost in the multitudes of beige and golden sands, black lava, and the endless pull of tides.  It now belongs to to Poseidon and the blue sea.  This little jewel was precious and perfect, but like many things in life, we had to let it go.  Now, I can only imagine what a fun day it will be when this tiny treasure washes up on shore, or when someone finds it, buried in a pile of sand.  So, keep your eyes open.  You never know what magical gift is waiting to turn up in your life. Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is going to happen today.  Expect it, and it will!    

| Model:Paris (moi)|
Photos by: TBartonphotography
| Hair: Alex Gerrard|

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are stunning! I love this photo shoot and I am sad that you lost a ring, but still, great photos!

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  2. That skirt is AMAZINGGG I love it! You are so gorgeous! So sad that a ring was lost...but it will be a treasure to someone! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos ! love this post <3

  4. Gorgeous snapshots! Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Also a very large 'thank you' for taking the time to leave a comment for me! I do appreciate that!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  5. Gorgeous photos. Love the jewelry, too.
    And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  6. Your pictures are amazing!!!

  7. I loooove your blog these pictures are gorgeous !!! You have an amazing style!! Really glad I discovered it, I'll come often ! :) :)

  8. great jewels...i really want it..

  9. Beautiful photography of a beautiful lady... Love your creative soul x

    1. Thanks, Rachel. I have not forgotten about you --
      I still want to do and interview featuring your art. Life has been crazy
      busy, but I plan on emailing you some questions soon.
      I really appreciate your constant inspiration and light in
      the world.

      <3 Paris

  10. Love the swimsuit top!
    Great pics :D

  11. These pictures are stunning

    xo Ashley

  12. these photos are so gorgeous!! is that you?

  13. wow you look gorgeous! and the photos are amazing.. love the vibe of that mermaid/goddess you were channeling..too bad about the ring.. but come to think about it.. I'd like to imagine someone will find it on another shore.. maybe a poor fool in love who can give it to his soulmate.. or maybe a borken hearted girl that will find comfort in it when she sees the sea is making her a gift.. ha..anyway..I'm way into fairytale nonsense..
    great blog, glad I found it..happy holidays

  14. oh great blog and photos!"!! If you want we can fallow each other, just let me know!

  15. Oh my, these are so stunning!! Are you a professional model or something of that sort?

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