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Posted on: 12.01.2012

Hat: Crooks & Castles | Paris t-shirt: UO  | Aztec Poncho: F21 | Baja Shorts: Free People   |  Jewelry: Vintage tribal  | Sneakers: Urban 

Turquoise always strikes beauty in my mind.  It's a universal color that looks amazing on almost everyone.  Personally, I'm always drawn to this color -- in clothing, jewelry, and I even went to the extreme of painting my studio floor a vibrant turquoise blue. I'm sure that's why when I drove past this cool retro building in the Salt Lake City avenues, I knew that I wanted to shoot in front of it.  Look at the cool circular window.  I love the funky architecture and wabi-sabi-esque walls that are full of character and intrigue. This rather spontaneous shoot turned out to be a lot of fun.  I remember soaking up those last delicious bits of summer. 

Photos by: TBartonphotography
| Model:Paris (moi) |

Peace & Love -- Paris
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