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St. Laurent, Paris at the Beach.

Posted on: 6.08.2016

Nature is woman’s best friend,’ she often said. ‘If you’re feeling worried,  swim in the water, stretch out in a field, or look up at the stars.
That’s how a woman cures her fears’.
- Fatema Mernissi - 

Life feels like a fairytale these days.  I've been roaming around with my man, fishing, exploring, and devouring this island’s costal, cuisine. If you're not familiar with this place, you must look it up.  This desert oasis reminds me of a tiny, Mediterranean island.  Just 22 miles off of the Southern California coast - a one hour ferry ride transports you out of the hectic, LA traffic, where you magically, discover yourself on mellow, island time.  Avalon, Catalina's main town—all one square mile of it—is the only city in California that regulates the number and size of vehicles allowed to drive its skinny streets.  The current waiting list to own a car on the island is 14 years!  So, instead of SUV dominated, traffic jams, expect to see golf carts or scooters whizzing by on the streets. You can walk anywhere here, and you really feel you're in the heart of nature.  I love slowing down and enjoying a blooming hibiscus or a bald eagle soaring across the sky.  The island's biggest landmark, the historic Avalon Theatre in the Casino building, is a 1929 art deco beauty, adorned from front to back with out of this world, hand-painted murals ( incredible -- a must see!!). I'm feeling a burst of creative energy!  A photographers dream, this island is scattered with seemingly endless, magical backdrops.  It feels alive and spontaneous.  My boyfriend's black & white plaid YSL, button up fell head-over-heels with my black UO dress.  I threw a bunch of vintage silver, onyx, and turquoise rings into the mix, and ran down to Lovers Cove to catch the last light. Being near the ocean feels so healing. I love seeing all the marine animals. Catalina is a little pristine paradise.  I feel so lucky to be here, living and loving life.  

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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