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Posted on: 6.20.2016

Cherry sunrises and sienna sunsets . . . sing me a song about the kind of love you’ll never forget . . . sing me a song about what is always here.

Catalina is beginning to feel more and more like home. Today, I spent my afternoon enjoying the sun, lounging in this very sexy, summer dress from Wonderland Honolulu.  Summer has officially begun in Southern California and this beautiful, handmade stargaze mandala tapestry is the perfect prop for a resting spot on the beach.
A mandala is a sacred symbol that represents the entire universe.  It is prevalent in Hindu and Buddhist art, and also that of Native Americans, but, in fact, it is found in almost every culture and tradition.  Seemingly magical, the center of a mandala is none other than our own self — our own consciousness.  No matter where we go, we always remain in the center.  Buddhist teacher, Chogyam Trunpa said, "the mandala is never arranged, but is always complete."  At any given moment, an entire universes spreads out within and around you.  How wonderful.  Do you see the beauty and the sacredness that is here.  Every thread and nuance arises from the inexhaustible source that you are.  I know how easy it is to forget the grace that all ways surrounds me.  We all experience upset, exhaustion, or disappointment.  Perhaps you might enjoy looking to see your whole life as a mandala . . . ever changing, ever fresh, ever opening to you and for you.  What a gift!

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Dress: Wonderland Honolulu
Tapestry: Star Gaze
Jewelry : Shakti + Anne Taylor Duease
Shoes: Dolce Vita 
Sunglasses: Quay

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  1. Do you live on Catalina? That's amazing! I've never been but I want to go this summer. I love the "Must have been the roses."


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