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Make your own kind of happy!

Posted on: 11.07.2014

 There’s nothing like a bouquet of sparklers or a
 Timka Crystal hand chain to brighten your day!  ♡

Shop the look:

Gypsy Bells + Wild Heart Tee:  Spell Designs
Sunglasses: Raen
Conch Belt: my mum's closet (cool ones here)
Rings: Bones & Feathers + Brooke Persich
Jewelry: Timka Crystal Hand Chain 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr 


  1. Gorgeous! That jewelry is so stunning and these pictures are magical!

  2. Enchanting photos! The jewelry pieces are stunners!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  3. you look amazing
    i love your sunglasses!
    Coline ♥

  4. a perfection of images, as usual. :) love the dumbledore quote too paris!

  5. i love your rings!

    xx nikki

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