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Posted on: 7.31.2014

Your imagination is your
 preview of life’s coming attractions.  
-Albert Einstein-

Are you a little, chat noir? . . . I know, if you want to, you can (in this very moment) access your inner, black cat.  Life is immensely satisfying, and rich, and metaphorical, because we have been blessed with the incredible gift of imagination.  It can take us anywhere, and through it, we can have, and be, and experience anything we can conjure up in our infinite, magical minds.  It’s fun to get dressed up, go out, turn heads, and play with a purrr-fect  combination of textures and colors . . . and even playful, imaginings.  I am currently loving this Talina Hermann look — sophisticated and classic, with just the right blend of structure and flow.
Take a peek at her latest, collection . . . here.   Talina Hermann 

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
Shop this look: 

Shirt: Talina Hermann 
Wallet: Stela 9 
Boots: Charles David 
Jewelry: Bones & Feathers 
Lipgloss: Dior 

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  1. I always love your insight and your images are just breathtaking, as per usual!

    xoxo Sara

  2. i love your hair!! ah!

  3. you are like my style icon! I love everything you wear, from beach bohemian to chic in black, couldn't be more perfect

  4. I've never seen you do a post with such an absence of color, and, I gotta say, I like it! Your ability to juxtapose images truly never ceases to amaze me! You must have such a creative brain! LOVE your posts! x

  5. That wallet is so stunning and all of your jewelry is gorgeous as well!

  6. lovely! always the best posts :) xx


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