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Posted on: 2.21.2014

Charcoal Alley x Volcom
Fashion Photos by: Tessa Barton
found photos: via. tumblr

Darlingest Kitties . . . Life is a journey into the greatest mystery of all -- oneself.  We are ever expanding into newer versions of us.  I think that's why I love traveling so much.  Exploring new places forces us out of our usual routines and patterns.  Who are we when we are in a new place -- with a different language and customs that can be very different from our own?  In some ways, we may feel a little uncomfortable, but we never feel more alive.  Traveling, lets us see the world anew, but also, it allows us to see our selves, in new and more expanded ways. Even a short road-trip can be exhilarating and rejuvenating.  I had a lot of fun running around the California coast, wearing this lovely, Volcom crinkled, chiffon, rose bud, baby doll dress.  I tend to shy away from flowery, floral, patterns, but sometimes it just feels right to embrace my girliness.  I did, however, style it with these mid-top Buzz sneaker that toned down the flirty, feminine vibe, just a bit.   And of course, (you know me) loading on the jewelry, made the outfit feel more grungy, more rocker babe, more real -- for me.   It felt like the perfect outfit to conquer the day and drift into the electric night.  
Now, speaking of inner journeys,  in yoga shavasana today, one of my favorite teachers recited this beautiful poem.  I felt myself dissolve (in a good way).  Later, I discovered that she (Kristine) was the author of the poem, as well.  I hope you all have a moment to slow
down, and breathe into these words which point, so beautifully, to the truth of our inherent Divinity.  Thank you Kristine, and We Are Yoga, for all that you give and do. 

Can you believe that your very existence, 
is proof enough of your Divinity?
Listen to your heart Love, it is beating for you! 
Listen to your breath Love, here you are!
Every cell in your body is dancing and celebrating your life.
Listen, because one day, measured by a moment,
this moment, you will hear the universe celebrating
the Divine wonder of you. 
- Kristine Summers -
Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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Beanie: UO 
Purse: Marciela Petite 
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  1. You look stunning as always! I love all of your jewelry!

  2. You're so cute !! Love those sneakers so rad

  3. What an amazing dress. Of course you're magnificent as well!


  4. I love this post!
    You are awesome like always :)

  5. That head flip one where your hair is everywhere is so perfect... :) I kinda wanna know how many takes there were :P but man, these pics made me, as usual so inspired. And I love your beanie :D xx

  6. that floral dress is gorgeous!


  7. Such a beautiful post!!! Great look, love flowers and animal print mix!
    Xoxo, Carla


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