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Follow your heart . . .

Posted on: 2.02.2014

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.
Yogi Bhajan-

It seems like a lot of people have written to me lately, feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of life . . . Life surprises us.  It has it's ups and downs; it has bumps and unexpected twists.  Sometimes it's magical, and sometimes, it's the last thing we wanted to have happen.  Each of us, has, and will face challenges.  It's part of being human; part of the paradox of duality.  And yet, it is the hard times that show us our strength; it is those very challenges that soften us, and deepen us into more compassionate, loving beings. Of course, you already know this, but it is sometimes hard to remember it when we are in the heat of the fire. But, I think the more we can go into a state of acceptance of "what is", in other words, the more we can relax our grip and resistance to a thing or circumstance, the easier it is for life to support us and move us through the challenge.  Resistance to what is, can keep us stuck there.  Acceptance, and surrender, can open the flow, and certainly lessen the suffering around the issue.  It's ok to want things to be different.  But, for now, it is,  what it is.  Can you say, "I accept this, for now"? 

On a positive note, Life is good; Life is on your side, and if you could see the big picture, you would know that it just keeps getting better and better.  Always remember, you know what is best for you  . . . don't be afraid to follow your heart.  

Make sure to check out these cool Australian designers:
Maxi Dress: Myee Carlyle 
Jewelry: Maripossa + Quartz Crystal 

found photos: via tumblr + HoneyPieLiving (Love envelop & Mansfield Poem) 

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate


  1. beautiful Paris! I love the gold, religious-ish aspect to these too.

  2. These photos by the sea are amazing! xx

  3. Thanks for replying to my comment the other day, Paris and and thanks for your kind words. I continue to look to you for inspiration x

  4. I needed to hear that. It feels lika a calming feeling to "accept this for what it is now". Thank you for a lovely blog! / 21 y girl from Sweden

  5. You're so gorgeous. Outside & Inside, I can just feel it :).


  6. So happy to have found your blog.........absolutely lovely person. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  7. gorgeous photos! you are stunning!


  8. Such a beautiful and inspiring post as always. The first photo reminds me a lot of Dali's 'Metamorphosis of Narcissus' for some reason. x

  9. Such a beautiful feel here .. You look stunning as always, like a nymph <3 Amazing inspiration. You're one of my favorite bloggers and has gained so much inspiration and up lifting moments by following your instagram, too. x

    Indie by heart

  10. Wow stunning photos! Love the dress, so light and comfy! Great work!



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