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I Love Spell . . .

Posted on: 4.19.2013

 ( Photo of Elizabeth and Isabella) 
You can’t help but love those sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella, who created the incredible label, Spell and the Gypsy collective. I’ve been smiling non-stop since they featured me, -- Charcoal Alley, on their ever-inspiring blog.  Check out the full feature here, for a look at my recent shoot in their funky, boho, gypsy, love bells.   It’s such and honor to be in their wave length.  I’m always inspired and captivated by these two creative spirits.  If you’ve never heard of their blog, I highly recommend checking it out, immediately, but not unless you have an hour or two, because you will most certainly, be drawn under their spell (just couldn’t resist that one).  It is the best, visual diary, online, where they share their latest inspirations and process of creative manifestation. They are truly my fashion icons.  I remember when they first began following me on instagram -- I almost had a heart attack -- did a little victory dance, and kissed my cat!  He he.  I feel most fortunate to have connected with Spell early on in my  blogging/ instagramming journey,  and it has made all of the difference.  Go check out the magic, and watch this fun video of them sharing their story. 

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