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Posted on: 2.20.2013


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If you follow me on instagram, it's probably obvious that I'm an insta- addict. Personally, I LOVE it. Instagram is literally a beautiful, portal into worlds within worlds. It has, definitely, made my life more fun. I love networking with photographers, designers, artists, and all manner of creative spirits. Also, I think it has helped refine my inner artist. I put a lot of thought into my insta-posts, making decisions on composition, light, and design, and I think, my photographic skills are improving. I find it fun to look back through old photos - it becomes much like a like journal of your life, though pictures. So if you’re not grammin’ yet . . . get going! You might just fall in love. 

Instagram @CharcoalAlley

xo xo xo // PARIS


  1. Awesome inspiring pictures Paris thank you :)


    Coline !

  2. I love the quote about believing, great selection!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. All of these pictures are so beautiful and inspiring!
    xo TJ

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I'm following you on instagram!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and bloglovin'? If so I'll follow you back right away sweet :)
    Also, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Have a lovely day,
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  5. First pic is AMAZING!!!

  6. Amazing amazing amazing pitcures! that first one is incredable how did you do it?


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