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everybody loves a little bit of Rock 'n' Roll . . .

Posted on: 1.22.2013

|| Shirt: Morning Warrior |Leather Vest: Truth & Pride |Pants: Winter Kate |Jewelry: Vanessa Mooney De Petra ||

"Ride the energy of your own unique spirit." - Gabrielle Roth

Tonight’s tea reading expressed the notion that, “when you are in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful”. This felt appropriate, and insightful, as I’m always attempting to make peace with the present. Aligning and opening to the “what is” of each moment, allows us to appreciate the inherent beauty of life. With a little tuning in, what we may have assumed to be mundane and ordinary, turns out to be a portal into the center of the mystery of existence itself. Within a cup of tea, a universe vibrating.

Charcoal Alley, is an amazing vehicle for me. I wake up excited to see what fun projects are being shared; what is going to inspire me, today? Like a world within a world, it is a space in my life, where it feels really wonderful to express myself in so many forms -- fashion, art, photography, and writing. It’s my gift to the world, and to myself. The beautiful, Katharine Hepburn, said “If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased”. Don’t you love that? So, rock on babes - “ride the energy of your own unique spirit”, because passions and self expression are what makes the world amazing.

This outfit is all about the bohemian, rocker. She’s not afraid to mix patterns and take risks. Indeed, she’s the the electric eel in the bowl of goldfish. What’s better than a soft cool t-shirt? Morning Warrior’s has that chic feel, that can help every girl with an extra bit of needed sass. Pair it with a Truth and Pride, leather vest, and you’ve got a real bad-ass vibe happening - especially in combination with these, Winter Kate pants, which add a little bohemian flare to the mix. I topped it off with a grounding, wool hat to soften the look. Finally, in my style book, you simply can’t go wrong with jewels. I’ve layered in a lot of delicious pieces by two rockin’ designers, De Petra and Vanessa Mooney. Hope you enjoy!

| Model:Paris (moi) |
fashion photos by: TBartonphotography
| Hair: Alex Gerrard|


  1. How is it possible ? So much beauty in only one personn !
    Perfect shoot Paris once again :) Love it a lot
    I feel stupid not having anything else to say but : goooosh you're perfect!


    Coline !

    1. Coline, You always put a smile on my face. Headed over
      to see what stylish things you've got going on on your blog.
      I always enjoy seeing what fun you are having in life! <3

  2. simply amazing pics! xo, ALma

  3. omg! these pictures are bananas! i love the boho chic/rock vibe you are emanating! i can identify with all this..and your hair is perfection, love everything about this. I found you on instagram and so glad we follow each other, u have amazing style :-)



  4. This is my kinda outfit post!!! Very cool !! Love love love your blog, you have a new stalker!


  5. Oh I love this......those pants are just stunning. You inspire me to be the "electric eel in the bowl full of goldfish" :)
    brooke @ what2wear

  6. You are incredibly stylish and chic. I LOVE the edgy/boho vibe! Gorgeous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. such fun outfit & stunning photography!! love your blog so i'm your newest follower! x

  8. thank you for visiting my blog
    you have an amazing blog, love it!!
    keep in touch

  9. oh my goodness!!! I looooove these photos! you are so fabulous!

  10. Lovely post and blog I think we should follow each other from gfc and bloglovin? :D let me know
    New post is up on my blog

  11. these pants are amazing!! and i love these photos, so vibrant :)

  12. Love this hippie meets rock n roll outfit!

    xx Mounia

  13. Your outfit and photos are edgy and chic :) Love them all <3 Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Your blog is really amazing. I thought that was an editorial from the Vogue. Love your style and your beauty. You remind me of Chiara Ferragni :)


  15. Woah you are amazing! Loved those photos! Awesome!

  16. Such a fun look! Love love love the lightning tee and your hat!



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