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Sometimes, a Girl Just Needs to Buy Herself Flowers…

Posted on: 9.30.2017

Doesn’t every girl love to receive a bunch of beautiful flowers.  It covers just about everything, but it definitely says, I like you—pretty much better than anything else.   So, fellows, here is a clue:  GIRLS LIKE FLOWERS.   However, it may be that you are currently with a partner that just doesn’t get it.  Or, you may be single, and well, that is that.  So . . . sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself some flowers!  There are 101 reasons to do it, and I really can’t think of one reason not to.  It’s a marvelous mood booster, pretty maker, smell good, feel good, colorful way to brighten your day.  And, zero calories to boot.  I love you, and I am giving you permission to treat yourself to flowers.  I hope you do it today.  (♡ ♡ ).


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