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Sunrise to Sunset

Posted on: 8.08.2016

Lately, I've been roaming around the island wearing this summer Tiki dress and White Kimono from Keliki. I love dresses -- they make life feel so much easier… & this kimono is a must have, because it doubles as a swimsuit coverup.  This darling brand is"an instant go-to for bikini babes everywhere, Keliki features day-to-night, beach-to-bonfire style essentials in colorful custom prints. Inspired by the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, Keliki is the style wave you can ride from sunrise to sunset."

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr 


  1. Gorgeous babe!

    I've missed you blog posts!


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  3. Paris! So glad to see you are doing well. Lots of love xx lisa

    1. Thanks, XO. Love seeing you and your cute baby... motherhood must be such joy.
      I just became and aunt, so I now, have a bigger appreciation for how hard you moms work.
      Hope everything is going fabulous. Your jewelry is always fun to see around instagram.

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