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ichi-go ichi-e

Posted on: 10.07.2015



Hello Darlings . . . recently came across a Japanese phrase, ichi-go ichi-e.  It means, “one time”, and can be translated as “never again” or “for this time only” or “one chance in a lifetime”.  It’s a cultural concept that acknowledges or recognizes an unusual or important encounter or experience, that for whatever reason, stands out from the day-to-day moments of our usual life and routine.  And yet, the very nature of life — this  fleeting, ephemeral, mystery, is comprised of moments that are each unique, here and then gone, and never to be exactly the same, again.  This phrase, for me, is a reminder to slow down and relish the beauty and precious nature that is here, right now.  It’s a daily practice, for me.

On a lighter note, my mum and sister recently visited me in Florida.  We had a blast catching up on photo shoots and getting wet whenever possible.  I love lounging in my new, Talina Hermann . Celestial Star dress.  It’s light, silky and cool, and that feels really good on a hot and humid day. And, it’s also the perfect, sexy, cute, stylish frock to wear to a hip, new restaurant in Palm Beach.  Ichi-go ichi-e.  Look around.  Life is beautiful!

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate

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Dress : Talina Hermann 
Earrings: The Silver elements (handmade in Barcelona)
Jewelry : Torchlight +  Pearl Love Jewelry 

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