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Up in at the air . . .

Posted on: 6.01.2015

Hello darlings,

(. . . crash landing & dusting herself off . . . ) 

I’m back,  after a rather long, and unintentional break.  Sometimes the winds of change sweep in and take us somewhere we never planned on going.  In January, I found myself in love, living in Florida, and crazy-busy with my delightful, instagram accounts (which, I hope all of you are following)!  There really is only so much time in a day, and since there is only one of me, I haven’t quite figured out how to fit everything in to those measly 24 hours.  But, I love blogging (and everything about it), and as they say, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  I’ve missed connecting in this way, and I have come to value, on a deeper level, all that my blog gives back to me.  It feels good to be back.

Shop this look: 
Dress:  Urban Outfitters
Lipstick: MAC
Jewelry:  David Yuman + Charlie and Marcelle  + Shakti Jewelry  + Torchlight + Marte Frisnes 
Vintage Shell Clutch: Mermaid by Hand

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Random got beautiful found photos: via. tumblr 


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    Xox Carla

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