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the persistence of memory . . .

Posted on: 9.22.2014

Jewelry: Luna Avalon 
Lipgloss: Dior 
Hello, Sweethearts, . . . I’m back from an amazing trip to Alaska, and a quick reboot in So Cal.  I’m getting back into the swing of life, but this week feels especially busy.  The seasons are changing, and life moves so fast these days,it feels like If you don’t intentionally, stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.  It’s too easy to get wrapped up in our daily routines and forget to appreciate the simple pleasures.
There is so much sweetness all around us . . .  a brilliant burst of sunlight through shifting clouds, lying in bed at night while listening to the sound of rolling, waves, savoring the taste and texture of a young, sweet coconut.

I spent the day indulging in my favorite activities . . . visiting friends, eating, and, of course, communing with the beach.  This darling, Valentine playsuit by Goddess of Babylon faired perfectly on this hot summer day. I piled on a few Luna Avalon necklaces which made everything feel just like coming home.  I love how one can always count on jewelry to turn a cute outfit into the extraordinary. 

Today, just for fun, pick one of the senses (for example, hearing) and see how long you can stay aware of all the nuances.  Notice the sound of your breath, a horn beeping in the distance, the wind in the trees, the bell on a kitten . . . let the sounds bring you into the nowness and presence of life.  It’s good to be back!

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate
Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure  of being . . .
-Salvador Dali-

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Jewelry: Luna Avalon 
Lipgloss: Dior 

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  1. Great combo of images as usual Paris, making me crave summer quite badly here. I released my summer collection and am impatiently waiting for the sun to catch up with it. HHahah. That playsuit is completely amazing, so tender and pretty.

  2. Oh my gosh! I must have that romper, it's too perfect for words!

  3. Your hair looks so fabulous, and great collage of pictures, love it xx

  4. such a cute romper! love!


  5. Awesome vibes here - love your shots and the additional snaps.

  6. do you cut your hair ?
    Coline ♥

  7. Beautiful pics!!!


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