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Posted on: 6.01.2014

A good photograph creates a mood.  It stirs up emotion, and often invites one to enter into a mysterious,  alternate-reality -- a powerful moment, frozen in time.  With that in mind, meet my talented, photographer friend, Jenifer Fairchild.  She's one of those brilliant people that comes into your life and blows you away with her energy, her intuitive way seeing the world, and her unique ability to coax magic out of the camera.  She's sweet, humble, and always stylish.  When she's not busy making beautiful, photography, don't be surprised to find Jen immersed in an esoteric book, enjoying the Utah mountains, hiking, snowboarding, or even riding into the sunset on the back of a Harley.   She's in tune with nature and one of the most down-to- earth women that I have ever met.  It's a joy to call her a true friend, and an honor to introduce this inspiring and dynamic woman. 

Let's drop in on what she's up to: 
Artist:  Jenifer Fairchild  
Star Sign:  Cancer
Instagram:  @jfairchildphoto 
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Describe yourself in five words. Go!

—Ehhhh…funny, weird, curious, intuitive, and genuine.

Where is home?  

—I grew up in a small, idyllic town in northern Utah, where I truly believe that I experienced an all-American childhood.  My parents recently sold that home, and to say I shed a few tears would be an understatement, but it will always have a special ‘home-y’ place in my heart.  Currently, I’m living with my sisters in the great, Salt Lake City valley.

Why Photography?

—Because I don’t have the patience to paint ;).  No, seriously, photography has always been a sort of ‘language’ to me.  After a botched attempt at a photo shoot with my sisters when I was 11 or 12, I didn’t pick it up again until I was 20.  At the beginning, I thought, for sure, it was going to be just another phase that I was going to go through where I’d eventually give it up and move on to something else, but after seven years of continually coming back to it, I’m happy to say I’m finally taking the final step and making it my career -- which is very exciting for me!

What inspires you?

—Traveling.  To be able to get out of my normal surrounding does wonders for me.  I feel like I gain so much perspective about myself, life, the world, and my place in it.  I’m really hoping to attract clients from all over the world so I can continue my exploring.  I just have to keep putting it out there like a mantra. 

Do you have philosophy that you live by? 

—I’m sure I’ve had many over the years, but lately I’ve really been trying to go with the ebb and flow of life.  Getting older has helped immensely with this, but I also think that by surrendering to the fact that I don’t  have to have everything figured out, and instead, letting life surprise me, I’ve been able to, in a sense, ’see’ the bigger picture, which helps me to genuinely appreciate the fact that I’m alive.

Film or digital? black & white or color? 

—Digital is much more practical for me, but I love the look of film and really try to emulate that in my photos.  As for color or b&w, it all depends on the photo at hand.  It always takes me so long to process my photos because I don’t use any actions or presets, but I can’t do it any other way; I want each photo to really ‘speak’.  Sometimes that means color, sometimes that means b&w, I just have to feel what is right for each image.  

Day or night? 

—Sunrise and sunset are my favorite times of day, they’re very bewitching to me in an ’anything can happen’ sort of way.

Do you remember the first photo that you snapped that changed your existence?

—The day after I bought my first camera, I was almost sick to my stomach at the amount of money I’d just spent, but I grabbed my sister, dressed her up, and went and shot some photos of her.  After we were back home and I looked over them on my computer, I remember feeling like a one hundred pound Tetris piece had just fallen into place . . . it was like, ‘this is it’.

How does Jen Fairchild decide if a photo is 'picture perfect’?

—I can honestly say it’s just a feeling I get.  Over the years I’ve learned that my intuition is my strongest tool, so I’m continually practicing honing into it.
Most recent lesson learned in, business, love, or friendship?

—Hmmm.  In business, I’ve learned that it’s just that -- business, and that money should not be grounds for feeling guilt.  In love, I’ve learned that I’ve truly found the one person for me and that that makes me unbelievably lucky.  And in friendship, I’ve learned that the people you count as true friends are completely irreplaceable.

What’s your dream adventure? Dream shoe? And, dream breakfast?

—My dream adventure would be to take off to Europe for two months with my man and just see everything.  My dream shoe would be one I could change at will on a daily basis to whatever style I wanted, but until that get’s invented, I’ve been eyeing a pair of Rag & Bone moto boots.   As for my dream breakfast,  I probably eat more breakfast foods all day than most people, sooo, I guess I’m living my dream!

Your favorite book?

-- Harry Potter.  I am a die hard Harry Potter fan and I truly believe that never again in the history of the world will there ever be a group of books that mean more to me.  

Best Advice that you've ever received? 

—To truly know yourself.  In that way,  you’re able to decide for yourself what is right for you, no matter the advice being given.    

GOOD NEWS To celebrate the launch of Jen's new websites, she is offering anyone that books a shoot during the month of June, (regardless of when the actual shoot date is), a 15% off any package with the promo code ‘DLJS (don’t let Jen starve)’. 
Visit her website for more details. 

         →  Jen Fairchild  
 Peace, Love & Good Chocolate


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  3. Stunning!!! :)
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