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Posted on: 1.20.2014

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Currently craving:  white sheets, French braids, coffee in Paris, sun kissed cheeks, salty hair, Chanel wild rose, an unmade bed (oh, wait . . . I already have that one), open spaces, the color of rain, chiffon & lace,  a familiar voice, moroccan rugs, handstands on the beach, simplicity, and the best feeling in the world -- falling in love.  

I've missed you all, so much.  I just returned from a fun trip to Laguna Beach, where, as many of you know, my two, beautiful (lucky) sisters reside.  I had such a wonderful holiday, and, I'm excited to share some moments that we captured ( blog posts coming soon).  
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I hope you all have been taking time to treat yourself to those special things that make your life extra sweet.  I did a little dream shopping on my lazy, Sunday, yesterday.  (See below).  But, don't forget that the best things in life are free (or almost free) . . . a salt bath, good chocolate, a warm blanket and a favorite movie, sister love, or a kitten in your lap . . . but, you already know this.  xo xo xo

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate


  1. i need that bath tub! great inspo!

  2. that braid in the first photo!! :)


  3. This is fabulous! Loving the inspiration
    kisses from Miami,

  4. Whoah, I didn't come here in a while, you changed everything! Lovely new layout, very clean and fresh :)
    And that bathtub is something I crave. Definitely. It has been retumbling on my blog for ages :)

  5. This post is so inspiring, I love.

  6. loving it, i always find your inspiration pages so refreshing paris! xox

  7. Can't wait to see your new posts!!! We have missed you too, Paris! :) Hope you had an amazing time in California! The weather has been so beautiful! Xoxooxoxoxo Carla


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