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Janessa Leone

Posted on: 11.12.2013

Who doesn’t love a great hat?  There’s a certain sense of confidence and je ne sais quoi that comes from wearing a quality accessory - as well as a classic, timeless, design.  A great hat lifts your spirits and sets you apart from the crowd.  The label,  Janessa Leone, is a breath of fresh air because of its unparalleled craftsmanship and design.  I absolutely adore her "2013 Shadows Collection".  I loved getting better acquainted with this incredibly, lovely & talented, designer.  Read more below, to see what inspires Janessa Leone.

Designer:  Janessa Leone 

Star Sign:  Aquarius

Online Boutique:

Instagram: @janessaleone

How did your label evolve? 
I launched my very first collection about a year and a half ago, and I never imagined that it would become what it has.  I’ve always loved hats and have a collection of relics of my own.  The idea to start my own line didn’t come until a post college trip to Paris with my boyfriend.  We stumbled across a little vintage store, and I found the hat that inspired this whole journey.  I possessed a certain air when I wore this hat, and I knew I wanted to create a hat that would give people that same confidence.  I also wanted to make something that was really well made and could last several generations, perhaps finding itself in a vintage shop in Paris, many years later, to inspire someone else. 

Where are you located? Los Angeles, CA.

 Your 2013 collection is breathtaking.  What is your favorite hat at the moment? 
I really love the Vera.  It has a downtown edge that fits my style, perfectly. 

I love the names of your hats.  Are they named after people that you know?
I name my hats after the women who influenced some of Rock and Roll’s most timeless songs.  I wanted to dedicate this collection to the ladies who have inspired my favorite songs, but for whom we have no face.  I imagined who these women were, what they were like, and I came up with a style for each of them. 

Do you believe that hats are capable of altering your frame of mind? 
Sure! I think hats, like clothes, definitely have the power to alter your perception of yourself.  Hats, in particular, give you a certain confidence.  I love to see people’s transformation when they realize that they actually look good in a hat.  There’s definitely a unique attitude that people get when they wear hats, and I love to see it happen. 

You mention on your website that you take cues from a bygone era.  Do you have any favorite former leading ladies that have inspired you?
I am inspired by the both the style and craftsmanship of previous eras.  My personal style is very classic. I never want to look back on a photo of myself and be able to date when it was taken by the type of clothes I was wearing.  I’ve always wanted my style, and the things I create, to be timeless; both in aesthetic and quality.  

Who influenced your inherent know-how on creating such lasting pieces? 
Even when I was little, I always wanted to sleep in silk and dress up in my mom’s nicest clothes.  Fine craftsmanship has always been important to me, so when I set out to produce my hats, I did a lot of research to find the best factory in the states.  My hats are made in a 150 year-old factory by true artisans.  From start to finish, every hat is made by hand. 

 What is your favorite thing about wearing a hat?
I love how effortless they are.  It’s the easiest accessory that makes the biggest difference. 

Best advice that you’ve ever gotten?
Don’t let the business of life, or the excitement of success, take away from your talents. Creativity needs to be nurtured and it takes hard work at every stage. 

  Go pick out your favorite hat. 
  →  Janessa Leone 

Peace, Love & Good Chocolate,

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  1. It's a great interview, and I must admit, I'm a total hat-lover.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful collection & such amazing , inspiring photos !!
    I love it! These photos and this interview convinced me even more to buy a hat! xx

  3. Wow the hats are so gorgeous, reading this interview really makes me want one!

  4. Great collection! Xoxo Carla

  5. yes! amazing collection of photos, i love a good hat too ;)

  6. gosh that shooting is amazing
    who's the model?
    who's the photographer ?

    A l'occasion de l'anniversaire du blog, un concours My September est organisé ! Viens vite tenter ta chance pour gagner un tee-shirt de la nouvelle collection...


    Coline ♡

  7. Great photos! I love the jacket with the studs in the shoulders, amazing!!

    - Laura

  8. stunning! love this style


  9. Love your blog, found it though Free People

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  10. Wow, very nice pics! :)
    I like it!



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