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everything went black . . .

Posted on: 7.02.2013



 Let’s not resist the pleasure of black . . . even though for some of us, it might be summer, and over 100 degrees outside.  Summer is not a reason to deny black -- it’s forever timeless and always communicates a sophisticated chicness.  Black is not the absence of color, black is the totality of every color.  It’s inherently rich and full.  Black clothing adds a powerful energy to any genre or style, so whether you are a rocker chick, or a boho beauty, most everyone feels incredible when wearing it.  It’s an essential element in my closet year round.  I am currently mixing layers of thin, soft, luxurious textures of black, ranging from cotton lace to leather.  It’s how I’m keeping it cool, this summer.   

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Images found via. my overflowing desktop, Angelica Blick blog,  & signature insane jewelry by dylanlex.


  1. Awesome collection. Dope.


  2. your post are always so inspirational!


    Coline ♡

  3. Love the way you look at black! And it has been consistently raining here, so I have been all black everything.

    Juliette Laura


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