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. . . Exotic Pink . . .

Posted on: 6.03.2013

||Cupcake Pink Bikini: Maui Girl | Frogskins Sunnies: Oakley  
| Handmade Rosewood Mala : Prism + Sol  | Cheetah Kimono: Spell | Red Lipstick: MAC ||

In the land where orchids grow like weeds, scents of curry, and sea salt perfume the air . . .  

Yes . . . I am alive and well.  In case you’ve been missing me, I’ve been wandering and exploring some new (for me) locations.  I had a spectacular trip to Thailand with my beautiful sisters, and then dashed off on a very spontaneous adventure to France.  I have a lot of amazing photos I’m excited to share.  Traveling, for me, is essential.  It’s eye-opening to see how other cultures live and think.  Thailand was mind blowing.  Huge cliffs rise from the Indian sea like green dragons.  We spent most of our time in Railay bay, which is simply one of the prettiest places on earth.  The sunsets were beyond incredible, and the ocean was as hot as a warm bath.  It was fascinating to experience the ancient traditions and the exotic food.  If you’ve never been, I would highly recommend skipping Bangkok, jumping on a ruea hang yao, a long-tail boat, and heading straight to one of the many magnificent islands.  But, keep an eye on your belongings - the islands are filled with naughty monkeys that love to help themselves!

Fashion Photos by: @ZoeMaks 

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  1. Your bikini is the cutest! You my dear are GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to see photos of your travels! They sound amazing.

    Juliette Laura

  2. greaaat photos. I was trying to guess if it was thailand or vietnam... but man, adorable. and that bikini is frightfully cute!

  3. Gosh that perfect body you have
    Again an awesome photoshoot of you
    You cannot imagine how sad I am that I've missed you in Montpellier think it would have been a dream to meet you in the street of the city because you're such an inspiration to me : you'r like the perfect girl i will never be ! you're awesome Paris Gerrard :) keep going and hope you enjoy your stay in France :)


    Coline ♡

  4. Omg, you are too sexyy!!
    I love so much this bikini!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! can't wait to see more babe :)


  6. That dress is killer on your cute lil figure babes!

  7. these pics are amazing and the bikini is adorable ! xxx

  8. What a ravishing glorious pink that bikini and love the island setting.


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