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From dust we came, to dust we return . . .

Posted on: 5.15.2013

Photography: Agustín Fallas  + Jimena Mateo

I believe that the whole universe is a projection of all the aspects contained in our very Self.  Everyone and everything is here to teach us - about who we are and what is possible.  Does it feel like the spiral is tightening?  Like time is speeding up?  Like our cosmic connections are as close as a heart beat away?  The idea that I have connected with two of the most incredible, creatively engaging, cosmic sisters on the planet, Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán , who live and create thousands of miles away, is testament to these questions.  I love the way they think, and that they are creating some of the most authentically, emotional jewelry that I have yet to encounter.  And in that encounter, I have discovered and expanded into yet another, greater piece of myself.  

Names:  Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán of  De Polvo y Viento  

Website:  De Polvo y Viento

INSTAGRAM: @depolvoyviento 

In five words describe De polvo y viento? 
Whimsical, nostalgic, soulful, dreamlike and poetic.

Star sign:  Pisces.

Where are you from? 
We are twin sisters,  Ana María and María Fernanda Gavilán, from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tell us about De polvo y viento. How did it all begin?
We have always been driven by the idea of connecting and transmitting emotion through creativity. Because jewelry and metalwork have always intrigued us,  in 2011, we decided to start our own business, called De Polvo y Viento”.  It’s all based on this idea: From dust we came, to dust we return.  We began making accessories with chains, cloth, wire, stones,  feathers and other materials, as a hobby, while we got our degree in Interior Design.  Later,  we applied into intensive courses of jewelry design at a little school called, Escuela Crisol,  here in Costa Rica.

There is a great connection between us, which encouraged us to embark on this project together to communicate our vision.  Being twin sisters is not always easy; sharing almost every second of our lives together makes us have our little bumps, but in the end, nothing comes between our special bond.  The fact that we share the same passion has made it easier to work together and to complement each other.

The story of our pieces begins with our fascination with the dead nature and the connection to the unknown.  Bones and their crudeness have always intrigued us - the way a nature dies and leaves a story behind;  so combining bones with the whimsical beauty of metals transforms, dead nature, into a divine treasure.

Can you explain your design process -- materials, technique etc.? What inspired your current collection?
We have worked together as a team since the beginning of De Polvo y Viento.  We work together in every aspect of the business: concept, design, image, jewelry pieces and production.

In our latest collection, Espíritu de la Tierra (Spirit of the Earth), we worked with bones and semiprecious stones and metals (silver and brass).  Every piece was hand crafted, some polished and others with different texture finishes.

The collection was inspired by the poem “Fausto” by Goethe. Espíritu de la Tierra (Spirit of the Earth) comes to embrace and treasure death and its crudity as Divine (the spirit rises from dust, but the memory still lives).  By believing in nature, in all its forms, and how each force participates in infinite variety,  there can be an integration of man with nature. The collection represents the poetry, in the memory,  of a once living creature.   Nature is expressed in all the deep feelings of man - upon contact with human emotions,  dead nature transforms into immortal poetry.

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry? (Your design or someone else’s)
It would be pretty hard to choose our favorite piece of jewelry of all times, but if we had to choose from our collection, it would be the brass bone crown, or the bone ear cuff.

What is your idea of happiness?
Experience,  accept and grow.  Happiness is to enjoy life at its fullest.  At the end, to be happy, is all that matters, so we have to make every day count and appreciate every moment.

Best advice you can share?
Love and enjoy life;  believe in yourself and follow your dreams - no matter what.

If you could travel on a magic carpet where would you go?
We would go to the parts and places that mind cannot perceive.  Our magic carpet would travel to a parallel universe and to unknown dimensions.  Through an extraordinary experience,  we would travel through time and space.

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Peace, Love & Good Chocolate
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  1. Okay so those are amazing pieces. And absolutely stunning photography!

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  2. WOW this shooting is amazing :)
    it's been a long time since we haven't a post from you !
    I wish we would see pictures of your beautiful face soon ?


    Coline ♡

  3. Wow I blogged about these last month :)


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